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September 16, 1976     The Florala News
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September 16, 1976

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INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. JBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. FLORALA NEWS - THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1976 t [artce bT [tz Bates are two things that I to having Pepe jump up and everyone should expert- down and most likely pull runs once in their lifetime, in my hose or snag my knit first thing is owning a" pants. t.e puppy. The secondthing I can also look forward to ,lng in a small airplane, getting up an extra 15 minu- recently did the second tes early to take the dog out- ! I mentioned when I flew side and walking the dog the ~. Florala's Mayor, Joe first thing every afternoon. '~ and City Attorney Allan But there are those rewards. k Over to Dothan to a South- I actually cooked breakfast for trn Regional Planning me and the dog Saturday morn- ~ission meeting. I would ing. Pepe just loves eggs. I Rke a snob and say I had just love my puppy. before, hut it really was Urst trip in an airplane of Size, large or small. e took off from Florala's oft with Mr. and Mrs. ][/ ...... ;,.~, am waving goodbye to us. it ~n~t~mm~ tt~ really not sure why they !there to see me off un- they thought it might 'be A ...... L~.~ i~_ i last chance to see their z'l/J/~IUUq;#l~ l" ~# ~Oyee on this earth, a ~" [ht that crossed my mind re lifted off the ground. flight was really plea- l.*l..--J. II*II Everything is so beauti- /.~gUt~r(~f /-/tgt Tom the air. I was doing fine, meaning I wasn t air until Mr. Cook told me The Liberty Hill Assembly dd get sick if I didn't talk of God Church, located appro- , bein~ inexperienced ai ximately eight miles North of I figured h'e knew more Florala just off the Florala- I it than I did so I bed, an Andalusia Highway, will ob- ~- Well, I should have serve their Homecoming Sun- ~Y mouth shut. I did be- day, September 19, 1976. feel air sick then. For- Everyone is cordially in- ~ly, about that time we vited to attend. in Dothan, so I never The guest speaker for the 'got ill. The trip back, day will be a former pastor, we waited out an hour the Reverend Robert E. Bo- :hunder storm was un- wen. There will be dinner !ul but lots of fun All in served at the lunch hour and really enjoyed t[l'e flight singing in the afternoon. )Pc to be able to fly again. rer, the next time I'll just rny mouth shut and enjoy n * nn n l evlval 1o first thing I mentioned vever more fun than fly- Now l know not everyone Held ,4 t the joys of owning a Some people just by other breeds of Ebenezer large dogs and small l aDttst alike. But people who j[ - ~dles know what true There will be a revival at owning a dog can be. Ebenezer Baptist Church Mon- my first poodle when day night, September l9 at 7:30. I raised him The Reverend Jesse Morris a pup and in his course will be the visiting evangelist. up, he ate every Special music will be fen- of shoes I owned and De- tured each night. Everyone is of my roon~ate's, welcome.. also ate other strange s, like my rubber tree It wasn't that he was Gaskin Church he ate better than I He just liked plants and Christ a few weeks before tq Pepe came up mis- I ,on't know e actly Holds Revival to him. I think kid that lived downThe Gaskin Church of Christ reef from me in tbetrai- has scheduled a revival, be- might have sold him. ginning Sunday, September 19 brat was always and continuing through Thurs- to sell someone their day, September 23. He might have de- The Reverend Paul Murphy I wouldn't buy Pepe back of Mobile, Alabama, will be the him to ~omeone else. guest evangelist. Andy Alsup, might have hopped Florala High School Band car with someone else Director, will direct the music. lot a new home. Services begin at 7:30 each searched Troy for the evening. weeks of school, but A special invitation is ex- no good. Pepe was just tended o everyone to attend. A cordial welcome awaits you. it has taken me a year but I finally got one- black ball of fur just like Pepe. Be- unoriginal, I named Pepe too. when I come.home in I can look for- /~ ~,~ hearing the pitter- -~" ......... of small feet running to PAGE 9 caster, Johnny Taylor, Paul Terry, David Willis, Frances HELLO FRIENDS & CITIZENS L kh T C il Chance, Paul Townsend, and Death Claims CARD OF THANKS Or hello brothers and sis- oc art own ounc Hubbart Byrd. tern if you believe Noah and The reading of the minutes his family started everyones' were dispensed for this meet- We would like to express our family tree. So for those at ing. Max Willis gave thetrea- Hold surer's report as follows: Sav- LifeOf thanks to our friends and least their brot.hershappiness neighbors for the kindness and and well being are in good s Regular Meeting ingsAccount-$620.16; Coach comfort shown during the death hands, sothey say. Weknow Supplemental SpeciaI Account- of our husband and father, the non-believer.seldom foi- $234.38; Regular Checking Ac- A special thanks goes to the lows such nobledoctrine. How- count - $984.55. David Willis Reverend Cole Florala Police Department and ever, some probably show T e Lockhart Town Council or Mrs. Ellsie DeVaughn 858- made a motion, seconded by met Tuesday night, September 6931. the Tri-Cities Rescue Squad. concern and Compassion for 7 at 6!00 p..m. for the regular After Mrs. Moore's report Warren Maddox, to deposit the Your presence, your pray- the needy and oppressed. Be- councit meeting which had been to the council, the minutes of necessary money on hand into The Reverend Willis Edgar ers, food and beautiful flowers ing the flesh is weak, could adjourned Monday, September the August 16 council meet- the Special Account. This was Cole, age 65, a resident of and cards were greatly appre- the love of money, wine, wo- 6. ing were read. Councilman approved by all members. Patton, l~lorida, died in anOpp ciated, men, song, good health, a place Present: Mayor Frank Glen Manning made a motion Bills against the Club were hospital, Sunday, September May the Lord richly bless in the sun, etc. or the equi- Timmerman; Councilmem-to approve the minutes with a for gas and transportation for 12, 1976. He was aformerre- and keep you. valent of same cause the be- berN: Glen Manning, George second by George Lancaster. the ball players in the amount sident of Leesburg, Florida and lievers to bend, compromise Lancaster; Assistant Clerk: All approved. A financial re- of $40.50: Zorn Auto SeT- was a memberoftheFreePen- The Family Of and bow to unscrupulous prac- ~ Belinda Goolsby; Visitors: port for the month of August vice - $31.50 and $9.00 to acostal Assemblies of Mobile, Fulton Prescott tices? Of issues and answers Mrs. Irene Moore, representa- followed. Acheckintheamount Matt Bradley. David Willis Alabama. 9-16-1tpd from men in high positions tive of the Senior Citizens of $9,727.76 from the State of moved they be paid, seconded Survivors are his widow, ,their answers and solutions to Program, Mrs. Bessie Hen- Alabama was received Friday, by Max Willis. All approved. Mrs. Bobble Mae Cole of Pax- pressing problems are by and derson and John Goolsby. September 3 for final payment The advertising signs were ton; one son, John Thomas A large evasive. Why? This is The meeting was opened with of money due to the Town from discussed again, and after Cole of West Bloston, Alabama; synomynous of "~vashing your prayer by Mayor Timmerman. the Federal Disaster Assis- much discussion, Max Willis three daughters, Mrs. Shirley feet with your socks onor head Mr. Timmerman introduced tance Administration for do- made a motion that the Club Mae Hodge of Northport, Ala- TflANK YOU NOTE with your cap on or assembly- Mrs. Irene Moore to explain ranges by Hurricane Eloisesee Mayor Evans, Chairman baron, Mrs. Sharon Faye Ste- tug a puzzle with several pie- facts concerning the Senior last September. of the Sign Committee, andre- venson of Patton, Mrs. Myrtle We wish to express our ces missing. Judgement ac- Citizens Program now in ef- The Mayor read a letter locate them before the next Ree Murphy of Clermont, Flo- thanks and heartfelt gratitude cording to the Bible and res- fect in the City of Florala. from John K. Watkins, execu- ballgame, so they can be seen rida; one brother, Howard D. for all the kind words of sym- ponsible men is measured by The present program is under tire director of the Alabama better. The motion was De- Cole of Laurel Hill; three pathy and all j[he food that was results, the fruit, promises the direction of the Southeast League of Municipalities in ex- conded by Warren Maddox, all sisters, Trudie B. Booth of so generously furnished at the kept, credibility, etc. Regional Planning and De- pressing thanks for prompt re- approved. Opp, Lodie Cole of Florala, time of death of our father, Hope to continue this. velopment Commission with sponse in the 76-77 dues tothe Next on the agenda was the Myrtle Jones of West Block- grandfather and father-in- the headquarters in Dothan. League by the Town. The Ma- discussion of the membership ton, Alabama; eight grand-law, Troy M. Mickler. Dan McLeod This Commission covers De- yor pointed out that in many drive of the Club that was un- children. As our loved one lived and P.O. Box 103, ven counties including Coving- cases the League has been derway. At the present there Funeral services were con- died, may you too, "So live Lockhart, Alabama ,~ ton. Any senior citizen over very helpful to the Town in are now 108 paid members, ducted Tuesday at 2 p.m. from so that when you come to die 9-16-1tpd 60 years of age in Lockhart many ways including legal the First Assembly of God you wrap the drapery of your Church in Florala with Ray- couch about you and lie down or surrounding area is eligi- matters. Its primary objec- Colorguard mond Taylor officiating. Bu- to pleasant dreams." ble to participate. Mrs. Moore tire is to help protect and ira- has been one of three aides prove municipal government rim was in Alberton Ceme- May God bless each of you tery near Opp, with Evans is our prayer. for the past several years in in Alabama. RESOLUTION " Florala heading up andkeeping With no further business to Getting Off To Funeral Home directing. Mr. and Mrs. ClydeM. Mickler WHEREAS, Juliette Hughes ;~ this remarkable programgo- come before the Council, a Great Start And Mike Mickler ing. Mrs. Mattie Harvard and motion was made by Council- has served as Chairman for 9-16-1tpd thirteen years and; .u Mrs. Ellsie DeVaughn are the man Manning to adjourn the The Wildcat Band Color- WHEREAS, the Cemetery~' other two aides. Some of the meeting. Councilman Lancas- guard is getting the year off to has been extended and beauti- services offered by the Senior ter seconded, all approved, a great start with excellent Citizens Program include va- The next council meeting will performances at both the Hart- CARD OF THANKS fled and collected monies set rious forms of recreation, by Monday,September 20, ford and Mclntosh games the CARD OF THANKS for said paving of streets in means of transportation to and 1976. Cemetery, from places including the dec- past two Friday nights.My children and I can never We would like to express NOW, THEREFORE BE IT ~ tor, to local stores, or to the Friday night they were lea- say thank you enough for all our sincere appreciation to RESOLVED by the Governing Y meetings of the program, etc. t~m 1 ~n tured along with a solo by you did for us during andsince our friends and neighbors for Body of the City of Florala': The Southeast Development Plorala ~][~ Miss Leith Peters as the band the loss of our husband and the love and kindness shown a Resolution of appreciation to, Commission is in the process played "Somewhere Over the father, during our recent bereave- said Juliette Hughes for her of setting up a new nutritional Rainbow." The prayers, comfort, food, ment. Many thanks for the many years of service in be-' program that will be effective The band is a little smaller flowers, visits and kindness prayers, food and beautifu]fio- half of the Citizens of Flo-' in the Florala-Lockhart area Club Meets At than last year, but they more was so dear and can never be ral tributes, rain. October 1, 1976 through Sep- than makeup for this with per- repaid. May God bless you A special recognition we ADOPTED AND APPROVED tember 30, 1977. A place has formance under the exceptional for each and all these things, wish to extend to Covington THIS 23RD DAY OF AUGUST, ~ been secured and is inthepro- T=. -- ,-~ -- . leadership of Director Andy We seem alone, but God is Chapter 441, Order of Eastern 1976. " cess of some renovation, l'~|~h ~.hOO| Alsup. holding us tight. Star, and the Reverend Wilbur Meals will be prepared and ~ - - A special thank you to my Majors. ATTEST: senior citizens of Lockhart The Florala Quarterback RESCUE SQUAD TO relatives, neighbors, friends, May the Lord richly bless Martha J. Byrd 60 years and older are eligible Club met Tuesday night, Sep- Florala Police, Rescue Squad, and keep you is our prayer. CITY CLERK : i to take advantage of this seT- tember 7, 1976 at 7:30 p.m. GIVE AWAY CB RADIO Nurse Kelly, Lockhart Bop- vice also. More details will at the Florala High School. tint Church and Choir. Pastors The Family Of /s/Joe R. Evans be given to the public on this Vice-president Rupert Greene The Tri-City Rescue Squad Ed McDaniel and Jim Corn- Celia Nobles MAYOR ' ~. particular phase of the pro- gram when it is more fully developed. Any senior citizen interested tn anyone of the services offered by the Senior Citizens Program can obtain more information by calling Mrs. Irene Moore 858-3872; Mrs. Mottle Harvard 858-3528 opened the meeting in the ab- sence of the President, Robert Moseley. Members present were Max Willis, Charles Stevenson, Edwin Parker, Warren Mad- dot, Maxine Hutcheson, "Shot" Geohagan, Robert McCurley, James Wallace, George Lan- will be giving away a CB ra- dio between now and the last football game of the season. They are being required to buy a lot of new equipment in order to comply with govern- ment regulations. Your co- operation in this effort will be zincerely appreciated. way, Joe Evans and many oth- ers. I feel like all of you have done more than just your job. I will never forget you. Carol Boyiugton And Children 9-16-1tpd 9-16-1tpd 9-16- Itc KING SIZE BED; PADDED BAR with refrigerator and accessories; LIVING ROOM SUITE; WROUGHT IRON, PATIO GROUP - table and 4 chairs; SONY STEREO EQUIPMENT; LAMPS; TABLES; DIVIDER; PLANTS; PICTURES; PAINTINGS; WASHER; DRYER; COMMERCIAL DEEP FAT never used; FRYER, MENS LARGE AND X-LARGE SHIRTS, SUITS, SLACKS AND LEATHER COATS ome OS Florala, Alabama - Friday - Saturday - Sunday FOR SALE: I buckskin mare. 5 yearsOld. Will rid~ I colt, 6 months old. Both for $200.00. Contact Wayne Foley at 858-6232. 9-16- Itpd FOR SALE: 1976 Plymbuth Trailduster. 4-wheel drive, wide rims with all terrain tires, automatic and stereo. Come by 416 5th Street ~ast. Florala, Alabama. 9-18-1tpd FOR SALE: hay. For more information, call 858-6922 or 858-3657. 9-16-1tpd LOST OR STRAYED: I pet Gopher. Grandsons pet. Please call Hewitt Kimbrill if found. Last seen in Old Florala. Ans- wers to name of Sam. Wearing turtleneck when he left. 9-1~-ltc FOR SALE: 20 acres farm- land in Florida near Clear Springs Community. $500.00 an acre. Douglass Realty, South Highway 831, DeFuniak Springs, Florida. Telephone 892-5534 or after hours 892- ~237 or 892-7390. 9-16-2tc FOR SALE: two Oriential Rugs. $200 for both rugs. Call 858-3391. 9-16-1tpd SPECIAL on Coca Colas, Sprites, and Tabs -- 5 for 99. HAN-D-DAN'S, 7 miles out on the Andalusia High- FOR SALE: 1975 ton and way. 9-16-Itc half Chevrolet truck. 24,000 actual miles. With flatbed or without body. Phone 858- WILL STAY WITH THESICK~ 6045. 9'-16-1tc in hospital or their home.~ Phone 858-3533. LOETTE~ POTTER. 2007 West Fifth~ WANTED: two parttime ca- Avenue. $1.50 per hour. i~ shiers needed at local con- 9"16"4t~~ venience store. Casey's Quik Pik. Apply in person.9_lg_tfc :~ R.N. and L.P.N. and nu~rses I WILL DO PAINTING OF'~ any kind and yard work of any~ aides are needed at Okaloosa kind. Call me at 858-6630i~ Memorial Hospital in Crest- view for night shift. Must have a car to use parttime. Call 858-6197 for more in.forma- tion. 9-',6- Itc CATFISH FINGERLINGS - - Large sizes - delivery avail- able. Phone 376-2866. Triple M. Catfish Farm. TRIPLE "M" CATFISH FARM, Route 3, Georgiana, Alabama 36033. 9-9-tic FOR SALE: Montego mobile home. 12x60. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, air conditioning, ex- cellent condition. Owner will arrange bank financing. Fur- nished - $3795; unfurnished- $3595. Andalusia, Alabama 222-1768. 9-9-tic DOUG WATSON. 9-16-1tpdi FOR SALE: 4 I/2 acres witl~ house. Contact Bill Hensor Phone 858-3621. 9-9-tf FOR SALE: Used truc tires. 825x20; 900x2C 1000x20; and I000x22. Fol more information, contac WOOD TIRE SERVICE, Op~ Alabama. Phone 493-380~ 9-9-th FOR SALE: used woode~ crossties. Phone 858-383 before 7:00 a.m. or after 7:0 p.m. W. T. JACKSON, Flo rala, Alabama. 9-9-tf Reduce safe and fast with GoBese Tablets and E-Vap "water pills". BOOTH'S DRUG. 9-9-5tpd KNAP1~ SHOES FOR CUSHIOI COMFORT. Phone John R Maddox, Knapp Shoe Counse! for, 102 Choctaw Street, An dalusia. 222-5649. 9-9-tic