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October 5, 1972     The Florala News
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October 5, 1972

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INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. NEWS - THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1972 a 0 / OFFICERS have been recently elected. Pictured is the Board of Directors. Gary Woodham has been succeeded by Terry HamiRon, seated. On his right vice-president. Standing left to right are Hamp Tew, Sophomore representa- nlRon, Senior representative, Ronnie Gamble, Junior representative, and Bill The club, under their new sponsor Bob Harrison, is looking year and asks the support of everyone in their DrOjectS. OF eet and a Sopho- seem to go ou don't have to broke buying required for you worry about ~round like a rag a freshman. are certain nlake me hold the s Which let me hold -~ just little every- which tend to isasters for me. like-- -I'm hall minding ss, when; all of and then every- When I've aousness, I find on the floor, everywhere, freshman tied keens. By the the kid and I'm late then get sent for not having I'd be walk- coke in hand of seniors stop the chief. You talking ti'midly. , Come here,' he a rough, coarse Wanting to hurt by ignoring them, When MR. BASS II start layin' it on me, or in other words they put the gar- bage to me, and by the time I explain I'm a Sophomore, re- cess is over and I can't find my own coke, for the ones they piled on me. These are just a few incidents which led me closer and closer to insanity, and let me remain, for heaven knows how long, The Worlds Best Loser. Florala High proudly pre- sents their Guidance Counselor, Mr. John H. Bass. This is a new position at FHS and we are glad to have Mr. Bass serving in this capacity. He is a resident of Lock- hart, Alabama, and is married to Mrs. Mary F. Bass, who teaches at the W. S. Harlan Elementary School in Lockhart. They have one daughter, Valerie. He is a member of the Macedonia Baptist Church, the Southeast Alabama Develop- ment Commission, and is also a Mason. Mr. Bass acquired his educa- tion from Alabama State Uni- versity. He has served as principal of Bethune Jr. High School, in Andalusia, Alabama, and as Textbook Coordinator for Covington County Schools. When asked about his ambitions, he replied, "Well, at this point in life, I don't know, but I still have high ambitions as far as the education of our youth is concerned." His opinion of Florala High is favorable. He says the students that he has come in contact with so far have been "rather nice." To Mr. Bass the students give a "rather nice" and "right on." F. H. S. HOMECOMING S ET FOR OCTOBER 13 For the superstitious people of Florala, the F. H. S. Wild- cats will be playing the Red Level Tigers on Friday, Octo- ber 13!! The parade and homecoming theme will be "Wildcat Victory." The parade route has not changed from past years, it will start at the high school, then down the main street of Florala, and continue on the scenic route to Lock- hart for the enjoyment of the loyal supporters young and old. The Student Council has put forth a tremendous effort to make this homecoming the greatest! So, the time has come for the fans to show the Red Level Tigers that we have the "Wildcat Svirit" with Victory as our No. "1" mo- tive[!! are the top two Junior Class salesmen tn the drive. Seated is top salesmen Craig Harrison $300.00 worth of subscriptions. Trailing Bill Sellars (standing). gazl Junior Class of concerned of reading aroundFlorala. sponsor, Mrs~ distressed to take action a campai~,n to subscriptions. SO CO - ~niors were able ne Salesmen not only to meet their goal of" $1560 but exceed it by 155 dol- lars making'a grand total of $1715. -The 2 juniors selling the most subscriptions were Craig Harrison who sold $298 worth and Bill Sellers who sold $114 wortE With their share of the proceeds of the campaign the juniors plan to finance several school activities. SCHOOL PICTURES MADE TUESDAY On October 3, 1972, school day pictures were made at Florala High School. The stu- dents were given a brochure last week telling them about the pictures. Made also were s e n i o r portraits, football players and band members pic- tures. The student package con- sisted of one-8 by l0 color, two-gift size enlargements, and 12 billfolds for $6.25, tax in- cluded. The students were re- quired to pay a $1.00 si(ting fee this year. Most everyone took advantage of this good buy. PAGE 9 Kneeling from left to right are the Lineman of the week for the past three games: Bill Rod- well, Hartford; Clyde Chambers, Opp; and Romanuel Gundrum, Flomaton. Standing behind the linemen are the selected backs: Be Carawayp Hartford; Alfred Whitaker, Opp; and Melvin Matthews, Flomaton. O eman Each week the Florala Quarterback Club, assisted by Coach Paul Godwin, chooses two outstanding WILDCAT football players for the honor OF Lineman and Back of the Week. Pictured are the players that received this recognition for the first three ballgames. Bill Rodwell, offensive guard and defensive end, was recognized as Lineman of the Week for his outstanding performance in the Hartford game. Florala lost this Quarterback B o proved his unbelievable ability and received the Back of the Week award. In the Opp game tackle Clyde Chambers led a defense which allowed Opp to 'get only 72 yards in total offense and he was choosen Lineman of the Week. Another fantastic player who helped lead Florala to victory'in this game was Alfred Whitaker. Whitaker picked up 63 yards in 14 carries to secure for himself the Back of the Week award. Although The following week Florala ballgame, walked over Flomaton with Caraway Lineman of the Week Romanuel Ill I I "That's what I know, but try to tell a freshman there's not one. Shush, I wouldn't doubt it if the poor dummy's still running around trying to find that room." "But now Sadie, what would we do without them? Who would we pick on when we got in that get-a-freshman mood? And what could we use as court jestures to cheer us up but those little incidents that al- ways seem to happen only to a freshman?" "I know, Magnolia, but just sometimes they..." Before Sadie gets to finish her reply, a not-so-bright lOoking boy walks directly to- ward the two-some and asks, "Pardon me, Miss Upperclass- men, could you please direct me to Room 7187" Gundrum receiving complete credit for five individual tackles and three assisted tackles. In the rushing department Melvin Matthews rambled for 55 yards on 12 carries and therefore received the honor of Back of the Week. After these three games the Florala WILDCATS ranked 21st out of almost 100 Class 2A teams in the state. GO CATS!! "SHORTS DAY" AT F. H. S. When it was announced that there would be a shorts day on Friday, September 22, great excitement rushed through the school. The shorts day was to raise money for the Student Council. Since this money was to be used for homecoming, not many people thought a 25 tic- kit was too much. We had three days to buy our tickets, but this presented a problem. The tickets were only sold at recess and lunch and because of the great crowds then it was hard to get to the ticket booth. When everyone got to school on Friday there was a great shock - hardly anyone had on shorts! All day you might have been able to count fifty people. Even if many people didn't wear them, those who did were a whole cooler. WHAT'S HAPPENING INSIDE F. H. S. CLASSROOM What's happening inside F. H. S. classrooms is a wild confusion of learning mixed up with the usual ironies and odd situations confronted by the F. H. S student. A few of these follow: Mr. Odom calmly stands be- fore his class and announces that they must each give a sum- mary of part of the chapter pre- ceeded by a joke. On the other hand, Mr. Strickland tells a joke that goes something like this; "Well, tomorrow 'Little People', I think we will have an 'easy' little test." Another such instance might pertain to spelling. Mrs. Lan- caster askes her shorthand class to spell heightened and she gets the answer "h-e-i-g-h-t-e-n-e-d." "No, no class", she exclaims, "In shorthand we spell it "h-i-t-nd." While in English it just so happens that the chapter being studied is on spelling. Mrs. Lancaster asks, "Who can spell 'heightened'?" Several raise their hands and, of course, the shorthand student is chosen to answer. He re- plies, 'h-i-t-nd.' Mrs. Lan- caster is now silently thinking, "I wonder who in the world taught that child to spell?" In the math room, another place of uproar, going over the daily exercises one student is confronted with the question, "What is an infinite set?" The class 'brain' answers, "A set that goes on indefinately." Mrs. Jones replies "Correct" and then says, "Give me an example of an infinite set." The student battling to keep from swallowing gnats replies, "The number of gnats in this room!" Another replies, "No silly, I've already eaten that many." Many varied are the oddities faced by the students of F. H. S. All of these help to make the whole bit of school and learning a lfltle more bearable. "All the primaries l)roved was that different parts of the country are mad about different things." Jack E. Hester, The Charleston (Ind.) Courier. WHAT IF... WHAT IF Mr. Apperson came to band practice barefooted? WHAT IF Mrs. Thomas didn't know the "Pledge of Alle- giance" ? WHAT IF Mrs. Palmore never said, "Is that right?" WHAT IF Florala beat Cottonwood? WHAT IF all the rooms had air conditioners? WHAT IF Mrs. Jones gave easy tests? WHAT IF all the teachers and Mr. Stevenson had laryngitis for one day? WHAT IF the coke machines never jammed at recess? WHAT IF the band did every- thing right the first time? WHAT IF the lunchroom never was crowded? WHAT IF the F. H. S. girls played the F. H. S. boys in football? WHAT IF everybody at F. H. S. had the correct change at recess? If these weren't" "what if's", things surely would be different around her, wouldn't they? JUNIOR WILDCATS OUTSWIM(?) BULLDOGS The Jr. Florala Wildcats are having a spectacular season this year with their 3-0-0 re- cord against Samson, An- dalusia, and Opp. The game against the Andy Bulldogs was wet, but great. Andy came out with the first touchdown in the first quarter, which made the score 6-0. Then, in the second quarter, Jeffrey Owens threw a 30 yard touchdown pass to Arthur Hooks. Next came the marve- lous run by Cornell James, which scored the winning 2 extra points. Other highlights of the game were 3 fumble recoveries by Florala: one by Buck Moore, one by his younger brother Randy Moore, and one by Vic- tor Lofton. Also, Jeffrey Owens intercepted a pass and Arthur Hooks blocked a punt. The final score was an edgy 6 to 6. Last Thursday night the Jr. Cats journeyed to Opp and beat the Bobcats 8 to 0. Congratu- lations! Go Wildcats! 8-6002 Floral=, hi=. "They make me so mad!" "Huh, what are you talking about, Sadie?" "l,m talking about those in- considerate, little punks run- ning around the school." "What punks, Sadie: you sick or something?" "Of course not, Magnolia, and I'm not seeing things. It's those 'freshman'!" "What about them? What have they done?" "What have they done! What haven't they done, is a better question. Everywher~ you turn you see herds of freshmen; not just one or two. They travel in armies!" "They travel in groups cause they're afraid of us upperclass- men. Now doesn't that make you feel important?" answered Magnolia with a sinckery type of disinterest. "Don't try to be funny; I'm serious[ Do you know what they've done already in the little time they've been here? Every day at recess they run over everybody else and there- fore got to the coke machines first. By the time I finally get to the front of the line that light comes on that says 'correct change only' or 'make another selection' and I have to do without a coke." "Oh, Sadie, don't you rem- ember when we were fresh- men; the coke machines were the most important thngs in our lifes." "Yeah, I remember. Back then if an upperclassman told me to "shut up" I wouldn't say another word for weeks. But the freshmen now, I wouldn't be surprized if they started telling the Seniors to carry THEIR coke bottles." "You must just be in a bad mood," claimed Magnolia. "I might as well go ahead and listen to the rest of your complaints though, or you'll go on like this for hours. So what else have they done?" "Well, for one thing, they're always snooping around, poking their noses into other people's business and if you want to keep a secret private, don't dare say anything around a freshman or before you can remember what you've just said, the whole school will know it. AND when you think you've escaped them in your classroom, here comes one asking directions for Room 718, and..." 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