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October 17, 1974     The Florala News
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October 17, 1974

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. PAGE 0 qekie James - Queen, ReBec' LeMaire - Senior Art., Usa McDaniel - Junior Att.p Sara Taylor - Junior Runner-Up, Sheila Henderson - Football Sponsor. l p.. Friday, October the 18th is a pecial day for us Floralians. Vant to know why? It's Home- oming Day!!! To begin with the students at 'HS will be dismissed at 12:00 o they can leave the school 'ith their units at 1:45 and be town at 2:00. The parade • ill go its usual route through Lockhart and Florala. The units will be exhibited by different classes and or- ganizations at FHS. The cities of Lockhart and Florala will enter ambulances, firetrucks, etc. That evening at 7:15 before the Florala-Red Level football game the Homecoming Queen OFFICER EVANS SPEAKS TO will be crowned. The game will begin in a super decorated stadium, and, of course, we have our great cheerleaders tothank for that. I'm sure it's going to be a day of joy and laughter for everyone. WALKER VISITS F.H.S. BUSINESS LAW CLASS On ~'ept ember 27th, Mr. Jwight E, vaP, s of the Florala 'olice De~Sllrlment, spOke to the nd period business law class. is topic was centered around lw enforcement. He told the lass of the violations occurring lost often in our area and told On September 27, 1974, Mr. Jim Walker from McDaniel Mo- of the punishment which could tor Company spoke to 3rd and result. Officer Evans then 4th period Home Economics passed his gun around the room girls and boys. Mr. Walker and told of its use and power, brought a very impressive pro- Afterwards, there was a short gram on buying cars to the question and answer period in group. He also showed films which many interesting ques- on what to look for when buy- tions were answered, ing a car. SENIOR OF THE WEEK • • This week we would like to salute another outstanding se- nior, Beratta Gomillion. Sheis sixteen, has brown hair and green eyes. Her activities and clubs include: President of Beta Club, President of Math Club, Vice President of the Senior Class, Secretary of the Student Council, Treasurer of the Band Chemistry Experiment? The 1st period Chemistry students proved to be very in- ventive last week in the lab - after having a few disastrous accidents like breaking beak- ers and glass tubes. Some of these amateur chemists could have been labeled Dr. Jeckell and Mr. Hyde, with the concoc- tions they invented. Boiling Mg C12 can be a very moving experiment, especially if some- one drinks it. The Chemistry students tried hard to invent a moving body like Frankenstein, but they succeeded in only bending glass. HIGH SCHOOL IS . . . How surprised we all would be if we could know all the dif- ferent thoughts of people in high school. These seem to be the most frequent. The Seniors are anxiously looking forward to June. They are realizing for about thefirst time how much they have learn- ed in high school. Not just all the school work but the matur- ing and important lessons e-f growing up they have experi- enced. This is the time for remembering all the good times, and looking feverishly Council and Lyre Club. When asked about her college educa- tion, she said, "I went to Hunt- ingdon College during the past summer and plan to attend there again after graduation in the field of pre-law." We would like to wish her the best of luck in her future plans. forward to the new world which will open for them after gra- duation. The Senior year is a bitter - sweet time. The Juniors are selling, sell- ing, selling. It seems asthough all their time is spent studying and selling magazines. They are wondering how on earth they'll ever survive another year of high school after this one. With great anticipation they look forward to ordering their Senior rings. Next year is what all Juniors are work- ing for; the wonderful Senior year. The Sophmores are just wait- ing until they become upper- classmen. Things are becom- ing old to them now, and they're becoming bored with high school. To the Freshmen, high school is the greatest thing ever. They're meeting different people, and it's just wonderful to finally be in high school. My advice to the Freshmen is, "Enjoy it while you can!" To the Sophmores I say, "Hang on in there." Juniors, don't worry, it'll soon be over. And good' luck Seniors. Just because you make a mistake is no reason why you should advertise it to the cold and cruel world. CLEAR SPRINGS CHURCH NEWS By: Gracie Adkison It is with special delight to report on our Revival held last week. Most good things start with small beginnings and Mon- day night there was some em- pty seats. However, there was consid- erable enthusiasm in evidence and this increased every night as the number of seats were filled. We praise the Lord for the religious awakening as our l hearts were deeply touched by the outstanding way the spirit worked through the sermons Pastor Perkins brought each night. Souls were saved and Chris- leans were brought back to a consciousness of spiritual fel- lowship and unity with God. Our hearts were made warm by the presence of visitors from other denominations who came to share these wonderful nights of revival. There is something about the cross that is shared with all religions. We know God has set a pattern for all living things• God is the spiritual essence of all things. Most all believe there is something beyond this life. One of the most amazing doctrines of scripture is that God with the infinite universe on his hands, yet has a de- finite plan for each of us. We would not want the sin of prejudice in our hearts for we realize that we are all one in Christ if we are saved. We are grateful for all who supported our Revival with your prayers and your presence. We regret to say our sick list has not dimenished. We all know the power of prayer and we do pray daily for these, Bobby Nelson, Bill Hudson, Wil- lie Holloway and Naomi Bell, and especially for the loved ones who minister to their needs. All I can say this week about our Homecoming is, "It was the greatest," God really blessed us this year and we give him all the praise. Next week you will be able to read the whole story. Be watching for the story of the Homecoming in next weeks Flo- rala News. Again, we cordially invite all who will to join us in our re- gular services. We're just a "Homey" bunch, but we have great times when we assemble ourselves to worship and have fellowship. We are cdncerned about the unchurched friend or neighbor. We know what joy they are depriving themselves of by not attending church. If you are one of these, will you give church a try? You will gain the reward. THE FLORALA NEWS - THURSDAY, HERE IS YOUR MARKET FOR SOYBEANS highest prices honest weights & grades CONSULT US ABOUT STORAGE AGREEMENTS ON YOUR BEANS GRAIN BUNGE COR PHONE 904-835-4411 OR Ask For GEORGE MOYER OR GERALD MY MINUTE MESS HEY, PREACHERI IT IS TRUE THAT I MAY ALWAYS BE ON THE BEAM _fN MY WORDS DEEDS, BUT I HAVE A GOOD HEART. don't hoodwink yourself. Jesus said, ',Four within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, tousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness" (Mk. 7:21, Don't be deceived. This is why our Lord said, must be born again." OJr natural birth leaVe in a bad way -- with a nature foreign to the righteousness. Jesus Christ, the sinless Son came and bore our sins, took our penalty, in that we may share His own nature~ and light in that which is good. Sin has thrown out of aIIgnme.nt .with holiness, happiness, yen. We are left fitted only for he11. Men too) are miserable, cantankerous, and hard with because they are out of joint -- dl Christ we find life, love, and Ught. We may what our Maker intended us to be. You will get this by good intentions, or church joining, coming to Christ in full surrender. *'I don't to be bad." Such words may be true. tree does not intend to bear sour apples --it in keeping with what it is. We do the same and oRen ashamed of ourselves -- that is, until we restoration in Christ. Christ is not a our disease. He is a remedy. He is a preset rel for the deadly and damning disease of sin. remedy is not applied in death, purgatory or Men don't get right by dying, nor go to right. They get right to die right, and go because they are right. Now is the day of Now is the time we are "complete in Christ." deceived people accept religion as a cheap policy, with hopes that when they die some preacher with his nice words will get them How sadi Beforethe preacher has anything to.~' We will already be where we are going. Turn Christ now. Make your election sure. NOTICE.. Remember the Camp Meeting which venes at Christian Life Center, O~t. 17-27. services daily. Fvenlng service 7:30. D.P. Evangelist. Other speakers also. You are invited. G. T. Bustin, RepreHnting missiona]T Interests im New Guinea, Indonesia, and Indim. FPee 1 year s~" scriptlon to FAITH AMBASSADOR for t~ asker@. ~o obligation. Write: CHRIST'S AMBA~... DORS, IN~, LIFE CENTER, P.O. Box 348, Lakewood, Fls.,32bCe" Available for spadting uNgapments. RUNS OCT. 14- 19 ; ! BY ERTL (~ COMPLETELY SAFE, THE SOUND AND ACTION OF A REAL CHAIN SAW. LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE. OUR REG. PRICE $7.97 DIE-CAST, RUST RESISTANT METAL WITH STEEL PARTS. REAL RUBBER TIRES. 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