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October 17, 2018     The Florala News
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October 17, 2018

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PAGE 4 THE FLORALA NEWS- WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2018 The Florala News' editorial section is intended to provide our readers and citizens as complete an opportunity to express themselves with as few restrictions as possible. Profanity, direct or implied, and attacks on one's person rather than on actions or deeds are not acceptable. Publication on this page in NO WAY REFLECTS AGREEMENT OR ENDORSEMENT BY THIS NEWSPAPER. I m The authorities need to act Most of the abuse takes place in institution- Weber suggests that when engaging a pro- but friends and families al settings. Nearly two-thirds of abuse takes fessional caregiver, make sure you do a thor- place in institutional settings such as nursing ough background check. But, he says, it is ira- are the first line of defense homes. The onus is on the public sector au- portant to provide the individual you hire with thorities that oversee those facilities to make fair terms of employment--including ensuring As the population ages, incidents of elder sure those who are being cared for in those that he or she has a manageable work sched- abuse increase, according to the World Health residences are safe. ule. "It's a difficult, and sometimes thankless Organization. WHO estimates that almost Weber has called on government overseers job. They must have a routine that allows for 17% of seniors 60 years of age and older have to use their powers to ensure the safety of breaks when needed." experienced some form of abuse over the past nursing home residents. "Family members And, lest it is overlooked, the patient may 12 months, need to get involved, too. They need to thor- also be a victim of serf-neglect, a condition that "Nearly 42 million residents of the U.S. are oughly check out facilities for loved ones who is particularly prevalent among those suffer- 60 years old. That means more than seven need them. They must find out if there is a ing from dementia or Alzheimer's disease. million seniors were ill-treated by caregivers, past history of abuse. Once a family member family members and even friends last year. takes up residency in a home, they should- The Association of Mature American Citizens But, the alarming fact is that segment of the make regular, unscheduled visits to make [] is a vibrant, vital senior ad- population is growing exceptionally fast. In sure they are not being mistreated." vocacy organization that takes its marching orders fact, each day 10,000 more citizens turn 65. However, nearly 16% of abuse takes place from its members. They act and speak on their be- The Census Bureau estimates that by the year in a victims' own homes, whether they are liv- half, protecting their interests and offering a prac- tical insight on how to best solve the problems they 2035, 78 million citizens and immigrants liv- ing alone or with family members. "And, it is face today. Live long and make a difference by join- ing in America will be 65 years old and older,up to friends and family members to look in ing at Does that mean 17% of them, 13 or 14 million on them on a regular basis and deal with any seniors, will be in danger of being victimized," threatening situations. An errant caregiver asks Dan Weber, president of the Association and even a frustrated son, daughter, niece or of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. nephew may be engaging in physical, psycho- ri ~ : i iiii!~!i!i!i!ii~ili!i~i~ii~ ] It is up to state and local governments to logical or financial abuse. But it can't be spot- [ ensure that vulnerable senior citizens areted and stopped if a responsible third party is : protected, but it is also a responsibility for not keeping tabs on an at-risk friend or rela- friends and family, tive." by Glenn Mollette and the list goes on. Aging means more trips In recent years I've watched good friends to the doctor and other medical specialists. walk the valley of battling cancer. Somewhat The trade off to dying young is frequent body slowly they went through the process of fight- checkups and tune-ups. They aren't fun at all ing for their lives. Finally, one day it was over and are sometimes financially prohibitive for and they died. many. I sat with one dear friend in his home I'm not for socialized medicine but I'm for months before he died and he asked, "Why everyone having access to healthcare. If it me?" He was about 63 and had just started takes socialized medicine to insure this then thinking about retirement and then his life I'll vote for it to happen. I'm totally against was over. the powers that be at an insurance corporate I was talking to a classmate from high office deciding that I can't have a surgery if school who was telling me about his elevated my doctor says it's imperative for my health PSA while his significant other had just been and even life. I am opposed to someone at a diagnosed with cancer. She had just decided to government Medicare office saying that Medi- go with a double mastectomy. We were shar, care won't pay for a heart surgery; a chemo ing our troubles and we both agreed that we treatment, dialysis or whatever is needed for are aging, anyone's health ana life. I am opposed to kill- The alternative to dying is aging. If we are ing babies on the front end of life and I'm op- to live there is only one way to go and that posed to killing old people at the back end of is adding additional years. While many of us life. Life should be given every opportunity. still feel and want to act like we are 21 we We are fortunate if we get to live awhile. The aren't. We all know people who died at young longer we live we will deal with blood pres- ages from disease or an accident or were killed sure, cholesterol, blood sugar, polyps, nodules in war. Some of us have been fortunate to live and so forth. Finally, something takes us out awhile and most of us are very grateful for and this good life we enjoyed is over. Thus every day of life. while we are alive we do all we can do to live We shrug our shoulders sometimes and say wisely and to do our best. We trust that our we're 40, then 50, then 60, 70 and so forth, doctor will do all that he can do and we look It's hard to believe that we have achieved our to God in faith that beyond this life is a much, particular age. The flipside to this increasing much better place where our dear friends and number are life's problems that accompany family await our entrance to where they have aging. We don't see as well. We don't hear as gone on before. good. We don't stand as straight. Our knees and hips hurt. Our hair turns color or falls - Dr. Glenn Mollette is a syndicated colum- out. We start having other internal problems nist and author. He is read in all fifty states. related to heart, liver, kidneys, thyroid, lungs Contact him at TI4flNK YOU! LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Sincere thanks to all individuals and groups who The Florala News welcomes Letters to the Editor. came and shared food and drinks with the Wildcat All letters will be published at the discretion Family at the 2018 Homecoming Tailgate Party!of the editor/publisher. No letter will be published Special thanks to Mayor HolleY, the caretakers of that does not bear the actual name of the writer Lake Jackson, Florala Fire Department and the Florala and their city or town of residence. A contact hum- Police Department. ber or e-mail address is required but will not be published. Letters cannot be returned. Samantha McDaniel The Florala News 27 .i 58 7 24 5O 66 10 32 == 52 $~~~~~--I~1~ Add High Speed I ~ $I 95 :: -'",r~/mo, :: 1 16-7103 StatcPoint Media THEME: HALLOWEEN 6. *"Eye of newt, and toe of " ACROSS 7. Relieve from 1. Accumulate 8. Falstaffian in body 6. To and 9. Christian of haute-cou- 9. Audition tape ture 13. October, e.g. 10. Evening purse 14. 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