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October 19, 1972     The Florala News
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October 19, 1972

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/ IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. PAGE 8 (c) Any use that may be obnoxious or offensive by reason of the emmtsston of odors, dust, smoke, gas, noise or vibration. (6) Outside aboveg~ound tanks for the storage of gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, otl or other inflammable liquids or gases but not when located within 600 feet of any residential district. (7) Junk yards provided the following provisions are met: (aS No such operation shall be permitted to locate closer than 300 feet to a residential district and no closer than 50 feet to any property line. (b) No such operation shall be permitted to locate on or facing a State or Federal Highway. (c) All such operations shall be completely enclosed by an opaque fence or wa11, except driveway areas, having a minimum heignt of six (6) feet, but in no case less than such a height as will effectively screen a11 operations from view. (d) The number of vehicular driveways permitted on any single street frontage shall be limited to one (l ) per $00 feet with a maximum of 20 feet driveway width. ARTICLE VIII OTHER REQUIREMENTS BY DISTRICTS Section 81. Minimum Lot Area and Lot Wldtht andMaximum Lot Coverage. 8).1 Single and Two;Fam!l~ Residential Dwellln9 Units. Within use districts permitting slngle and two-family residential dwelling units, the following minimum lot areas, minimum lot widths and maximum lot coverage shall apply. Minimum Minimum Lot Lot Area Width Measured (Square Feet) at Building Line Maximum Lot Coverage (Percent) R-I -- Residential Single-Family wlth septic tank and well 22,500 with septic tank 15,000 wlth public sewer IS,O00 100' 25* I00' 25* I00' 25* R-2 -- Residential Single-Family with septic tank and well 20,000 with septic tank 15,000 with publlc sewer 12,000 1 O0 ' 35" 90' 35* 80' 35* Two-Family wlth septic tank and well 20,000 with septic tank 15,000 with public sewer 15,000 100' 35* 90' 35* 90' 35* R-3 -- Resldentlal Slngle-Family with septic tank and well 20,000 with septic tank 15,000 with public sewer 7,000 100' 40 90 ' 40 60 ' 40 Two-Family wlth septic tank and well 20,000 wlth septic tank 15,000 wlth public sewer 9,000 lO0' 40 go' 40 70' 40 *Does notapp!y to lots of record. THE FLORALA NEWS, THU 91.4 Temporary Usage. A single mobile unit, or": F Multi-Family 25' 25' 35' a 25' 25' trailer, may be used for an office in a subdivisi~ ~ m C-l Local Shopping the developer or temporary residence dur!ng cons~tb~,+ Multi-FamilYcommercial 30'25' 25'25' 35'b ac 40'25' 25'25' i! : ~!~:;e;h:p:;iOanlwp~peOse:;pf~ra~ fF~rr Im°dh:°~u!1~" "I C-2 General Commercial Mul'ti-Family 25' 25' 35' a 25' 25' 9] :S Nonconformance. Any travel trailer or mobll~ wnlch does not meet the requirements in the abO~f~ Commercial Not Specified graphs shall be removed after receipt of notice 0T,1 M-I Wholesale and Light nonconformance from the Building Inspector. I Industrial 50' 30' b c 50' 30' Section 92. Townhouses. .,I 1 M-2 Industrial 50' 30' b c 50' 30' __ . Within. the districts permitting townhouses, the f01~r 1 -- ) requlrements snail apply: I I a - Eight (8) feet plus two (2) additional feet for each story (floor) above 92.1 No more than ten (lOS or fewer than three I 1 ~wo stories, but not exceeding twenty (20) feet; and when dwelling unlt faces side yard, the dwelling unit shall not be less than twenty (20) feet from the side lot line. b - None, except when abutting residential district and then not less than twenty (20) feet. c - None, except when abutting residential district and then not less than fifteen (15) feet. ARTICLE IX SPECIAL PROVISIONS Section 91. Mobile Homes and Travel Trailers. 91.I Travel Trailer Parks. In any district where travel trailer parks are permitted, the applicant shall submit a lay-out of the park subject to the following conditions: 91.11 No travel trailer park shall be located except wl---lt~--direct access to a County, State or Federal Highway, with a minimum lot width of not less than fifty (50) feet for portion used for entrance and exit. No entrance or exit shall be through a residen- tial district. 91.12 The minimum lot area per park shall be three T'J~-acres. 91.13 Spaces in travel trailer parks may be used by travel trailers provided they meet any additional laws and ordinances of the Council and shall be rented by the day or week only, and an occupant of such space shall remain in the same trailer park for a period of not more than thirty (30) days. 91.14 Management headquarters, recreational facilities, ~ts, showers, laundry facilities and other uses and structures customarily incidential to operation of a trailer park are permitted as accessory uses in any district in which trailer parks are allowed provided: (I) Such establishments and the parking area primarily related to their operations shall not occupy more than ten (lOS percent of the area of the park. (2) Such establishments shall be restricted in their use to occupants of the park. (3) Such establishments shall present no visible evidence of their commercial character which would attract customers other than occupants of the park. 91.15 No space shall be so located that any part ~ded for occupancy for sleeping purposes shall be within thirty (30) feet of the right-of-way line of any freeway, expressway, or collector s~reet, or~ of any minor street. (3) continuous townhouses shall be built in a row ~th . approximately the same front line. I 1 ments of the district. 11~ 92.3 Not more than fifty (50) percent of the 10ti~PeJ beoccupiedbybuildings. ,1~ 92.5 All townhouse complexes shall be required to)'JL I t-~-6-publlc sanitary sewer system No other means °.~1~.61 • ~l'T V~-3T:II, disposal shall be permitted upon completion of a m .L.:,I ~nall waste disposal system. J I 92.6 All other requirements within the district Jn@1 the townhouses are located shall prevail, l I Section 93. Accessor~ and Temporary Buildings. I 9u3.l Accessor~ Buildings. The location of acceSS~{| b lldings ana uses in residential districts must ~" | the following requirements: J I 93.11. Where an accessory building_ is attac ~,,.lll&_,: the main building, a substantial part of onej M of the accessory building shall be an integral' ~ I of the main building or such accessory bulIU,~. shall be attached to the main building in a ~,4~' I tial manner by a roof, and therefore such req," I I applicable to the main building. | d hal I n01 W•i 93.12 A etached accessory building s ,,wl~'I ~r than twenty (20) feet to the main ~'" I i nor closer than five {5) feet to the lot lln~. [ ~o i ~.~ 93.13 A detached accessory building, not m0~#~ .~ two-T~'6-('2) stories in height, may be constructed "I )!ll more than 30 percent of the rear yard. J~ 93.14 No detache accessory building Y on--6"-~'e front yard of a lot. • /?~ l _ L"el 93.2 Temporary Bulldings. Temporary buildings u~4I~ conjunction with construction work only may be Peu~ m in any district and shall be removed immediately u~m~,j completion of construction. ~ l Section 94. Fall-Out Shelters. Fall-out shelters are permissible as principal sory uses and structures in any district, subject:to 81.2 Multi-Famil~ Residential Dwellln9 Units. 91.16 In addition to meeting the above requirements,conditions: the travel trailer park site plan shall be accompanied A 81.21 Within use districts permitting multi-family by a certificate of approval of the Covington County 94.1 If any portion of the structure extends ab°~I" I Bwe'TTings, the basic minimum lot area shall be 7,000 Health Department. ground, that portion above the ground must comply w ~I I square feet in R-3, Multi-Family Residential District, yard and lot coverage regulations of the district -.~-~B';WI[- ,I and lO,O00 square feet in commercial districts, or gl.2 Mobile Home Parks. In any district where mobile it is located, and the site plan for such shelter "" m I shall be greater based on the following minimum lot Home parks are permitted, the applicant shall submit a approved by the Building Inspector. ##I area and maximum lot coverage requirements, except lay-out of the park subject to the following conditions: d, it as otherwise provlded herein: 94.2 If the structure is completely undergroun .-t m 91.21 The minimum lot area per park shall be five not comply with yard requirements or percentage of )u I I X'~F)-a-cres; and the minimum lot width for portion coverage requirements. I height of Minimum Total Lot *Per Unit Maximum used for entrance and exit shall be fifty (50) feet; Building Number ofArea C-2 Lot and the minimum lot width for portion containing ~olilwi!!Uh!~t!ilrili!" - " i:~i:!i°iZ~ ~ in~b:i~ii!:!i'll (no. of Units R-3 & C-l District Coverage mobile home spaces, or stands, shall be fifty (50) d a d floors) Districts (Per Cent) feet. i 91.22 The minimum number of spaces completed and " inoo1 One 3 2,500 2,000 40 ~ for occupancy before the first occupancy is 94.4 Fa11-out shelters may contain or be contained I permitted shall be ten (lOS and the minimum area s-Tr-uctures or may be constructed separately. I Two 3 2,000 1,500 40 for each mobile home space or stand shall be 3,500 l Three 6 1,750 1,250 40 square feet. Section 95. Home Occupation• . I| i 95.1 Special Requirements. Home occupations, wher;, ri 91.23 No mobile home shall be admitted to any park mltted, must meet the following special requireme"~ " ~ Four 16 l ,500 l ,000 30** un--RI-6~s it can be demonstrated that it meets the Five 20 1,250 875 30** requirements of any additional laws and ordinances of the Council. 95.11 The applicant must be the owner of th~ P r.I I on--6--w~ich the home occupation is to be locate, p~ I I Six or More 24 l,O00 750 25** 91.24 Convenience establishments of a commercial must have written approval of the owner of ~n~r m i nature, including stores, laundry and dry cleaning arty If the applicant is a tenant. .,,)@I i establishments and plck-up laundry and dry cleaning nl~:i * -- in square feet agencies, and beauty shops and barber shops may be 95.12 The home occupation shall be operated o • . o I **-- For C-2 General Commercial District, subject to permitted in mobile home parks provided that such t e-lTC-'~embers of the felly residing on the pr j .I i conditional approval of the Co~Isslon. establishments and the parking areas primarily and no article or service shall be sold or oT-~f i~| i related to their operations: for sale except as may be produced by members I I 81.22 Within use districts permitting multi-family immediate ramlly residing on the premises. | i res-eTf-~ential dwelling units, the minimum lot width (l) Shall not occupy more than ten (lOS percent of measured at the building line shall be 85 feet. the area of the park; 95.13 The home occupation shall be restricted ~ the main building only and shall not occupy _m.°~,~l I 81.23 Upon the completion of a centralized sewerage system, (2) Shall be subordinate to the residential use and twenty-five {25) percent of the floor area w~" I i a-TT--n~Itl-family dwelling units shall be connected character of the park; building. ~ I to a public sewer. No septic tanks, or other methods of disposing of waste, will be permitted in any multi- (3) Shall be located, designed and intended to serve 95 14 The home occu ation shall not nenerate eW~14 1 family dwelling unit developments, frequent trade or service needs of persons s v-l-v-~--traffic or produce obnoxious odors, glare.lvJ~I.) 81.3 Commercial, Industrlal and Other Uses. Within t~e C-I residing in the park; vibration, electrical disturbance, or radio-a))~ ~ I ) or other conditions detrimental to the charaC~" m Local shopping, ~-I Wholesale and Light Industrial District, (4) Shall present no visible evidence of their the surrounding area. .,J I and M-2 Industrial District,feet.the mlnimumAll otherl°tcommercial,area for eaChindustrialPermitted commercial character from any portion of any .n.'i i use shall be lO.O00 square residential district outside the park. 95.15 The building in which the home occupa.~'adYIm m and other uses have no minimum requirement for lot area. located must be an existing structure "~ I m 91.25 In addition to meeting the above requirements, for occupancy and not a proposed structure. ,IfI m section 82. Minimum Setbacks• the mobile home park site plan shall be accompanied ~,m I - by a certificate of approval from the Covington County 95.16 Any business sign placed on the prem!S.enS~ l Wlthln the zoning districts herein defined, the following Heal th Department. no--61~-l~e larger than two (2) square feet in s~ ~ I minimum setbacks requirement shall apply: 91.3 Single Mobile Homes. Single Mobile homes are per- Fron'i: Yard ~ ~ Corner Lot m ltted only by a variance for a period of six (6) months Yard Yard Side Yard usage, and they shall be subject to the following con- ~ .m-- --..---- ). r- dl tions : "I 0 "$ ~ ~ ~ 91.31 The lot area and dimensions must meet the Section 96. Automobile Service Stations. , l / ~ u~ u~" u~ req--~--uTrements of a slngle-famlly dwelllng unlt within r,-~ ~ ~" "~ ~* the district in which the mobile home unit is to Within the districts permitting automobile service st~ | l ~ =~ m~ m~ = ~ m~ be located, tlons, the following requirements shall apply: ..i i I I ~ ~y (30) feet of any permanent type of building, vice station is located shall not be within I00 fee~. i m n~ ~ any residential district, or any property contalnlngl~)" i i o~ ~ 91.33 The mobile home unit shall be oriented wlth school, publlc playground, church, hospital, public I I Zonln9 District ~ ~ its-~-Tonglot fronts.aXis parallel to the street on which the rary, institution for children or dependents. "11 %.2 Site Requirements. An automobile service s~t10~ J i R-l Residential 40' 30' 35' lO' 40' 30' 91.34 The mobile home unit must be supported under shall have a minimum frontage on the primary stree~ All-,I m R-2 Residential 40' 25' 35' I0' 40' 25' a-|l--exterior walls by a permanent foundation, com- 120 feet and a minimum area of 12,000 sauare feet• .]~)~" m m pletely enclosing the undercarriage, and must be buildings shall be set back 40 feet from all stree ~ I J R-3 Residential connected to water and sewerage in compliance with of-way lines and all canopies shall be setback flf$ II One & Two Family 40' 25' 35' 8' 40' 25' the applicable ordinance of the Council. (15) feet from all street right-of-way lines.