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October 22, 1970     The Florala News
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October 22, 1970

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SUI~IE~I~LI(~NSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. THE FLORALA NEWS - THURSDAY, C THE MARTHA SENTERFITT, Girl State representative discusses trip with PTA president, Jim Davis. On last July 10 Martha Sen- terfitt left to go to Tallahassee to atteed Girls State, a weeks experience in learning about Florida government. Her ex- penses were paid by the Pax- ton PTA. Martha is the daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Truett Senturfitt of Stella Rmfl~, Flo- rala. She met Cynthia Nail who was the other Girl Stuter from Walton County. As they got on the bus they, met the Girl starers from Pensacola and Milton, Florida. They arrived in 'PAUahassee about 11..45. checked their luggage, and ate lunch at the bus station cafe- teria. After lunch they called a cab to take thqm to Lan- dis ~ where they would be staying. At Landis Hall, they were assigned a room. a roommate, and were assigned to a politi- cal party. The two parties were the Nationalists and the Federalists; Martha was a Na- tionalist. She unpacked and began to meet the other girls in her city. There were 264 girls and they were divided into political parties, counties, and cities. Each city had 22 girls and 2 cities made up a county. After dinner they assembled in Westcott Auditorium for the official opening and for as in- struction on city, county, and metro government. The speak- er was Supreme Court Justice Joseph A. Boyd. Lights were supposed to be out at 10:30, but they had city meeting un- til about 11:30. They arose on Saturday morning at six a.m. Today they had city elections. Everybody was elected to some office, and each office had a specific duty. Before lunch they had State Government Instrnc- tlon. Then they divided into their -political parties and elected a Chairman, a Party Whip, and drafted a platform. The other party Joined them for a few minutes and a short rally was held. Each party tried to out yell the other. They signed up for the state office they wished to run for at the meet- ing. ~ ran for Commis- sioner of Agriculture. That night they attended Party Con- ventions, where the nominating speeches were given by state office candidates and Supreme Court Justices. Sunday morning they attended a nondenominational assembly and went to a legislative pro- cedure instruction. After lunch they received instruction on bill preparation and drafting. Each girl was to write two dif- fereut bills, one for the Senate and the other for the House of Representatives. They had their first pep rally, which lasted about two hours, and waited for the primary re- turns. On Monday they were sup- posed to go to a lake for an old fashioned political rally, but It rained. They held the rally in the basement of the dor- mitory. Here they hdard the speeches of each party's candi- date for the state offices. Gen- era/ election was held after lunch. Then each county met to elect senators and represen- tatives. This marked the end of elections. On Tuesday morning theyvis- lied the capitol. Durin4~ open.- ing session the Senators, I/ep- resentatlves, Supreme Court Justices, Cabinet, and Governor took the oath of office. Gov- ernnr Kirk personally wel- comed all the Girl starers to the capitol, Thentheyweotback to the campus for lunch, and returned to the Capitol for the Senate and House to consider bills. They visited the capitol on Wednesday for a legislature session and cabinet meeting. Martha was a page in the house. Her duty was to take messages from one representative to ano- ther or from a representative to a senator. That afternoon they returned to the capitol for ano- ther legislative session. That evening they had entertainment, a Talent Night Program. On Thursday they visited the Supreme Court Building. They were allowed to go to the University Union for shopping. After lunch they met in the CUP- itol for the final session. That night was graduation, and the girls who lived on the lower East Coast loaded the buses. Qn Friday morning the Girl Staters departed for home. Martha made this comment about Girls' State. "The thing which makes Girls' State so great are the girls. They are so friendly, which lets you be- come close friends in such a short timeF' Martha Senterfitt. a Paxton senior, represented her school well at this important meeting. W~. are very proud of her. GRADE NEWS MRS. GIBSON'S 1st and 2nd graders have been discussing different animals in their science classes. They have been also learning number sets and the ordinal sets in math. THE MUSIC DEPT. hasbeen studying about Mozart and com- paring his works with those of Beethoven and Bach. MRS. WOOTEN,S KJ.ndergar- den class has designed a new bulletin board, with pictures of growing up habits. They've Just received their new number books and Mrs. Whartiey brought books for them to look at. Senior Of The Week Jerry Bush was ~born tn De- Funiak Springs, Floridaon June 9, 1953. He now lives at Route 2, Florala, Alabama. Jerry is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Clar- ence Bush, Jr. Jerryhasbrown hair, green eyes, and weighs 165 pounds. He is five feet, eleven inches tall. He has one brother, Wayne, and one sis- ter, Jo Ann. Jerry has attended Paxton all his life. He also says that Paxton High students are great and he loves it here. His favorite foods include any form of chicken and real home cook- ing. His favorite dessert is coconut pie. Dark green and brown are his favorite colors. His favorite music is the sad songs of today's generation. The music groups he likes best are Tom Jones and Malanie. Things that he enjoys doing most are horseback riding and swimming. His favorite sob.. Ject is English. He is the secretary of the F.F.A. Chapter. He also likes to travel and says he would like to visit Sweden and Australia. The thing that he would like • . JERRY to do in his lifetime is to help change peoples' ideas about wars. With this concern about peo- ple Jerry will go far in life. Best of luck Jerry. This wee~s honored teacher is five feet ten and one half inches tall, has green eyes. and weighs one-hundred sev- enty pounds. He is Mr. Larry C~oghagen. He is the son of Mrs. Roy Gecghngan of Stella Route, Florala, Alabama. Mr. Gecghagan and his wife, Glenda, reside in DeFunlak Springs and he commutes to P.H.S. each day. Mr. and Mrs. Geoghagan are ex- pncting a new addition to their household in four months. Mr. Geoghagan is counting on a fine baby boy, of course l Mr. Geoghngan has two bro- thers, Hansel, who resides in New Harmony, and Buzzy, who resides in Knoxville, Ten- hesse,. After his graduation from P.H.S. Mr. Geoghngan attended O.W.J.C. for two years, and North West Florida for two more years. He holds a B.S. degree in Physical Education and plans to work for his Mas- ter's Degree in the fUture. Mr. Geoghagas came to Pax- ton this year to teach after graduating from Paxton in 1965. He is the coach of the "B" and Junior high basketball teams. He alsotenches seventh grade science. He says that he enjoys all sports. He was asked if school has changed since he was a student and he replied, "There is not as much school spirit as there used to bel" Hintl Hlntl Bob.. catsll We are proud to have Coach Googhngan on the faculty at Paxton, and we hope he win remain and coach our teamsfor a long time. system states: 'qn God We Trust". Don't you think it's about time that we did? HIGH SCHOOL NEWS STAFF EDITOR ........................... , ......... SANDRA HART ASSISTANT EDITOR ...................... BARBARA I'IUGI~ FELA REPORTER ......................... MARILYN THOMAS FFA REPORTER .......................... WYMAN RUSSELL SPORTS REPORTER .... . ..................... ROGER PAUL GRKDE NEWS ..... JAMES GOLDEN AND PAUL HOLI.~NGHE~LD SPECIAL REPORTERS ....... PAT NEWBORN, MARY GRAY, MObrrREL GEOHAGAN, DE1VNIS PC~3LE, LEIGH THORN, MARY GRAY, DIANNE NOBLES, AND ANN DAVIS ADVISOR. ,...~. ..................... /~S. IDA LOU SMITH BY BARBARA HUGHES Vo-Ag News THE DRAMA CLASS has been presenting practice plays. Mrs. F.F.A. MEETING Powell's fourth period class The Paxton F. F. A. met sat in as an audience. The last Wednesday in the Vo-Ag plays were very enjoyable and Building. The meeting was well done. called to order by Robert Cong- hagan, the president. The roll THE MUSIC ANNEX is well of officers were called and all under way. The concrete floor- 7/ere present. Ing has been poured, the steps Items that were discussed in- SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS - Newly for the stage are finished, and cluded the expenses which the it appears that the project will FFA had incurred on the corn class officers for the 1970-'/I school year are." be completed in the very near field. Then the initiation of left to right) president - Buddy Saul; future. We can. hardly wait. new members was brought up McClellan; (Standing from left to right)reporter o and it was decided to have it treasurer - Debbie Hurst; secretary - Debra Tucker. THEhasAGRICULTUREa substitute teacher.Depart" on October 22. Aa motiOnHalloweenWaS H ~ ' (~ made to have O L~J ~ ~-~l I ~ O U ment His name is Mr. K. C. Mount Dance. It was discussed but ! from Andalusia. He will hope- no date was set. Chapterpres- fully become the new Ag. ident, Robert Dale Geoghan, teacher for the rest of the year. presided. MRS. GOOI~BY~S Speech -~. C~˘ class is now giving timed speeches. Some of them have been favorite T.V. characters PAXTON DEFEATS o and comedians. These have BULLDOGS FOR been two and four minute long 24 TH VICTORY F\ speeches. This will prepare the students for longer ones, On October 13, the Paxton Bobcats played the Freeport ALTHOUGH Mrs. Ida Loll Bulldogs at Paxton. Smith has been absent, conva- The seventh grade team lesing from receut surgery, she played first and was defeated has been editing and proof- by a score of 22..12 in Frse- reading the "BOBCAT" copy port's favor. The half-time from her home. The Journa- score was Freeport 10 to Pax, lism class really does ton's 6 points. The high scorer miss her and will be happy of that game was Timmy Geog- when she returns. She says that hagan with a total of 11 points. good newspapermen never mlss Next highest scorer was Willie a '~eadline" and we haven't. Washington with I point, which Mrs. Audrey Plttman has sub- was a free-throw shot. . stltutod for Mrs. Smith. Next, the eighth grade team played and beat the Bulldogs THE SENIORRINGSarehere, by a score of 47.19. The score /~ ~ r-~ O r" Jf C ~1~ At lasilll Get that money in at half time was 2%5 with Pax- soonl Please?? ton in the lead. Paul Varnum ~J ~ • was the high point man of that videoMRS" GANEY is receivingfor the game with 19 points. Rocky~ ~ ~d ~ (~ 0 (= ~ " ~ ~ ) tape eqnipment Stokes was the next highest L4_2 ~'~ ~ ~ • Materials Center. scorer with a total of 15 points. After that the ninth grade lV~ WOOTEN reports that team played and beat Freeport new lights will soonbeinstalled 31-22. At half-time the score in the science room. was Paxton P.T.A. Officers lead.The high point scorer SHARON CUDDy, a fresh- was Corrigan Campbell with 10 The Paxton P.T.A. met last are as followS: man, is running for District 1 points. The nexthighestscorer Thursday in the Paxton School Jim Davis; Reporter in FHA. Good luck|! was Clint Washington with 8 auditorium.Many parents, Mrs. Hansel points. Thls ls the ninth grade's teachers, and frlendswerepre- retary, Mrs. THE TRACK TEAM is work- 24th straight vlctoryl sent. Reverend J. /3. Head ster; treasurer, lng very hard getting ready for 'qt was a real good was guest speaker. His sob- erine the mile run. ballgame", Coach Plttmar, Ject was "Our Children's tarian, Mrs. commented. Coach Geoghngan Future". Open house was held year book MR. GRADY SELLARS is said he was very pleased wit~ and enJoyed by all. They new- Thomas once again a teacher in the the players' performances, ly elected P.T.A. officers Reading Room. Welcome back, Mr. Sellars. • REVEREND FRED L. WHITE Vlslted the second period music class last Monday. RAY COVIN, STATE FORESTRY COMMISSION wE ARE HAPPY to reportIn these times of rapidly what you can expect to earn severing the that many boys were seen clean- rising prices, interest rates and from the property after it is which is the ing up our campus. Let's all taxes it is very important that back into a productive state, the tree. follow their examplel close watch be kept on all our By comparing the estimated layer is investments in order to maxi. cost against the estimated re- tree dies. The DID YOU KNOW?? mi~.e profits. This is as true turns a decision can be made as develop into - THERE WAS A BLIND- of forestry investments as it to whether to leave the prop., lea, bore MADE goods display in the is of common stocks, erty alone and let nature take fly to other library last week? Mrs. Bald- All too ~ften a person ac. its course or sell the property is then win assisted, representing the quires timberland then forgets or to get lt back into production, are favorable Florala History Club. it except to occasionally do a Forestry management assis- large areas of - JOYCE COX CARNLEYandlittle cutting. As a result tance without cost is avallable to killed her son, Robert Wesley, visited of this 'qittle cutting" some- the private landowner through What are the our campus last week? times the composition of his the Alabama Forestry Corn- may cause the - THE SENIORS are very, timberland gradually changes mission. You can request this killing of timber very glad that their rings have from one well stocked with val- assistance through the County les get come? It won't be long until uable species such as pine to Forest Ranger's Office,' the storms graduation, one that has very few valuable District Office in Brewton, Ala.- logging - THE SENIORS have ordered species but an abundance of low bama or the State Office Ling. their graduation invitations, value or cull species such as in Montgomery. any ot~er memory books, and p?rsonal hickory and blackjack oak. Al- Other sources of assistance versely affect cards? tar this conversion to lowvalue may be from Industrial Fores- tree will faro - MANY HOME EC. girls species takes place, the ters who sometimes are avail- You can are working on Junior, Chap.. property will he earning very able to work with woodland bility of your ter, and State Degrees'/ little profit. In some cases owners that may be prospective by following - A HOME ECONOMIST from the annual growth or return may suppliers of wood to the firms 1) Observe Gulf Power Co. visited Mrs. not even he enough topaytaxes, employing them and from Con- ttons. Baldwin's Home Ec. classes? When a timber holding gets suiting Foresters who are self- 2) Thin out t - THE JUNIORS had a car in the above situation, whai employed and provide technical overcrowded Bli On October 8 the History Study Clubs of Florala held a display featuring beauti- ful and useful goods made by blind people. These organiza- tions help the blind to help them- selves by sponsoring an anmml sale of these blind-madegonds. All proceeds go to the blind people in Tallednga, Alabama. Goods on sale included hand. woven dish cloths and towels. Other useful household goods were also featured atwholesale prices. Anyone interested ix. placing an order forblludomade goods should contact Mrs. Paul Pstrey of Flurala. wash last Thursday? Fun, huh? should the landowner do? I-Bs services for a fee. the better - THE JUNIORS have almost choices are three: grow. A • . . MR. GEOGHAGAN reached their goal of one thou- 1. Do nothing. Be content resistant sand dollars for the prom with very little return onyour 3) When cu QUESTION OF WEEK by selling magazines?investment, hope that eventually move the - THE JUNIORs made posters mother nature will perform tops and dmad If you couldbe anything else for their car wash7 One of some miraclefor you. Youwill BEETLES KILL feet from ~l~bestdes a human being, what them read: 'q-lelp Fight PoI- probably have a long walt. tect trees to be ~wonld it be????? lution, Let The Juniors Wash 2. Sell your property and PINE TIMBER ning and --Connie Adams - A mirror Your Car". invest the proceeds into some- IN SOUTHLAND avoidably Ann Davis - A cuddly white - THE WEATHER has been thing that will pay a higher re- also. poodle playing tricks on us again? turn. This time every year we re- 4) Move Steve Mixon- A butterfly -THE JUNIOR HIGH baskst-3. Convert the timber back ceive numerous requests from the stand as Roberta Kemp - A butterfly ball teams have won mostto a valuable species such as worried timberland owners ible. When net of their games so far? Keep pine. Thiswouldprobablybethe about how to control the marlly logs Core Miller - An onionup the good work girls lbest choice of the three for those '*worms" that are killing their maining in Ben Baldwin - A pencil- OUR HEWS BOX is bare? people that would like to make pine Umber: Actually the removed Patsy D. Adams - The pink Please put some news inla reasonable return on their "worms"~are grubs or the lar- logging. panther - MONTREL found the typing investment. It should be kept vae of three different insects. Pertodic Mellnda Thorn - A bug ~ paper? Thank gooduessl How in mind, however, that in most They are the southern pine timberland Mrs. Goolaby - A pink poodle can we write copy with. cases after the timber type has beetle, Ips beetle and the lng the hot Mrs, C~ney - An angel out paper? deteriorated as described above Black turpentine beetle, Since especially on Pat Newborn - A stork - DALE WHITE and Dennis it won't be easy to get it back they are very similar they are have been Mary Allen - A pussy-cat Golden are very good at track? into a productive state. It will collectively called pine bark damaged Dennis Poole - Watorl!- THE P.E. girls have been probably require a considerable beetles, ened. If Montrel ,Cleobngen - A cat going through the obstacle amount of work and be fairly The mature insect is duU dead or Mary Gray- A pillow course and running the track, expensive. Those persons not brown to black in color, haL' should be Sandra Hart - A poodleTHE VARSITY basketball willing to spend some time and a hard sheU and ranges in size why they are Roger Paul - A rabbit team is working very hard? money in the effort may behest from 1/8 to 1/3 inch long. to the pre Gerald Reeves - Amir- Let's win 'era all, BOBCATSII! advised to take the second They all bore in through the beetles, ror Coach Pittman is very OP- -~holce. bark of pine, then tunnel be- taken to Jerry Bush - A wolf tlmlstic. The first step that should be tween the bark and wood, and trol. Charles Gilley - A vampire - THE SENIORS are studying made is to obtain technical as- lay eggs which hatch into tiny Asstsiance Douglas Burlisen - A white Ma beth? WflllemShakeepeare sistance from a professional wormsor grubs. A pitch mass, why your stallion. ~ was a very good pleywrlte, forester. ~lm forester will be called pitch tube, usuallyforms how to stoP Phillip Whitiinghm -A tlkerl able to advise whet needs at the point where the beetle the asking. Leith Thorn - An angel~ to be done, where, and at what bores into the bark. The grubs important Glenene I.~tird - A spider THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: cost. He can also furnish you feed between the bark and wood You can Mrs. Crawford - A library In America, our mom~mry with approximate figures on for awhile usually completely the State \