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October 26, 1972     The Florala News
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October 26, 1972

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SUBJ~C~I~ICE~E AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. • @ • I I A new face has appeared in the balls of Florala HighSchool recently. If you're a girl, you've probably noticed it. This new smiling face belongs to blonde, blue-eyed, 5'8" tall, Paul Surrey. Paul, a junior in high school, came to Florala from Walton Hill, Florida, where he played baseball. Among Paul's main sports' interests are football and baseball. Oysters are Paul's favorite food, and "Brandy" is his favorite song. Mrs. Lancaster is Paul's fa- vorite teacher at Florala High, but P. E. is his favorite class. When interviewed, Paul stated, FHA Holds Initiation Well, let me give you the de- tails of the F. H. A. initia- tion. They had fifteen require* ments they had to follow, which were: 1. F. H. A. written across the forehead with red lipstick. 2. Red fingernails 3. Pants rolled-up just below the knee 4. One dress shoe with bright knee sock 5. One flip flop with stocking 6. A choice of garlic, onion, dill pickle, or carrot necklace 7. A long-sleeved shirt on backwards and buttoned-up 8. Pin curls all over head 9. Big, bright bow in hair 10. One top and bottom tooth blacked out 11. One top of eye black and bottom of the other one black 12. Freckles and rouge 13. Lard bucket for purse 14. Gaudy and bright dankly earrings 15. Costume necklace. So, girls if you had a boy* friend with red lipstick marks on his cheeks; please don't be jealous. It was all in the fun of initiation l! Back And Yes, those vicious Wildcats have done it again as they ran out on their home field and put a little green on those Red Level Tigers. The occasion was homecoming, and the Wildcats really came home,vithtbe score Florala 35, Red Level 0! Put- ting on a show of blocking great enough to be named lineman of the week was Clyde Chambers. "I like this school better than my old one, and the coaches are great." Smiling, new faces are always at Florala High School. We are glad that Paul has come togood o1' F.H.S. Yes, you're rightl TnaP$ our leader, Mr. Stevenson, on a crutch. He has a plain ole "pain in the back" andhasbeen quoted as saying recently, ',When will it ever end?'' The spinal cord for the Wild- cats and also back of the week was Quarterback Bo Caraway. Caraway threw three touchdown passes. His passes covered 70 yards, a small fraction of the 40'7 total yards. Caraway ran a keeper around right end that faked even the referee off. He also did a lot more great run- ning. It really started at 8:00 on October 13, 1972, when every- one was supposed to be seated but were stirring around won- dering if everything was in place. Students seemingly for- got that they had a half day to go before the parade started• But in came the teachers to spoil tt and break it up by uying, ~'Now let's have itquiet students, we haven't dismissed you yet, you have a long time to go yet." So that was that, until .... Someone shouted, "Here they come]" And believe it or not it was coming and ex- citing it was. It was headed by a police vehicle and fol- lowed by the FHS Marching Band, and didn't they look fresh, dressed in their sparkling green uniforms, playing their ever so familiar tunes. Now, what we had all been waiting for, the Homecoming Queen and her court. You should have recognized the queen as she was sitting high and proudly dressed in a gown of pink and white. Her atten- dants were just as pretty. The Sr. Attendant, Patricia Carroll also wore the colors of pink and white. The two Jr. atten- dnnts were Mary Kathryn Mit- chell and Mary Francis Wil- liams. They looked very nice, Mary Kathryn in a gown of brown and white, and Mary Francis in a gown of burgundy. The Football Sponsor, who was a representative from the senior class, was Charlotte Gil- more, who chose a gown of multicolors. Next in llne were the varsity cheerleaders• There went our pep and energy hang- lng ~ to a fire truck• We praye~l there would be no fire our girls were not trained to tackle such obstacles] Then, there was the Sr. Class float, it held the dignified and sophisticated graduates of 1973. Next, with a truck and a float were those jolly Juniors. By the looks on their faces you ~ould tell they wer{t proud to have passed the sophomore stage and eager to reach the sunior stage. Well, if it wasn't a float filled with Freshmen] Now wasn't that sweet? They looked I no innocent you'd believe they wouldn't do a thing wrong in ,the world. The J,'. Cheer- leaders came next, also on a fire truck. Behind them on a float, were representatives from VICA. FFA came next on a truck, wow, they always look like they're ready to be initiated! Often call B for Better is the Beta Club, which followed FFA. "No, there's no accident!" is what someone shouted as BO CARAWAY made the greatest, most unusual foot- ball fake in the Red Level game that most of us will ever see. Yes, OUR Wildcats were right up on the Red Level 10 yard llne or so. Bo faked to Alfred Whitaker, who everyonetbought had the ball! Poor Alfred, everyone was after him, but Bo was left all alone and walked right into the end zone with the ball. This was such agoo~ iake, that it even fooled the referees, and they blew their whistles l l :om,ng / there was such a roaring of the Rescue Squad as it approached the square of downtown Florala. To close the parade out on the square was a police vehicle. The parade moved on to Lock- hart and back to the school. What a day it was, but boy was it worth it!!!! A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE 1. Alecia Randall - Wife and mother of 29 children. 2. Dennis Gibbs - Band leader at Carnagie Hall. 3. Debbid McNeil - Replace- ment for Cookie Monster on Se- same Street (tune in on Ch. 2.). 4. Tim Willis- Playboy Photographer. 5. Jimmie Nell Barnes - Economics major at Svea Uni- versity. 6. Sherry Woodham - Re- placement for "Grouch" on Se- same Street. 7. Dionne Larkins - Mrs. Black America. 8. Kay Gomillion - First person ever to type 148 words a minute. 9. Susan Moody - Manu- facturer of maternity clothes. 10. Ted Baber - Sound ef- fects man for NBC. 11. Cheryl Cox - Female Jimmy Durante. 12. Pat ricia Carroll - Pro- fessional rabbit raiser. 13. Barbara Cooper - Debater on "Face the Nation". 14. Tony Holmes - First toothless dentist. 15. Joy Evans - The only 98 year old professional cheer- leader in history. 16. Ferrin Seay - First man ever to grow corn in the middle of a desert. 17. Arthur Tew - Original inventer of pig whistles. 18. Arnold Woodham - Water- hose manufacturer. HAPPINESS IS: By Cheryl Mills -- a smile -- a short coke line -- a Wildcat victory -- not weighing in P. E. -- Mr. Stevenson's voice every morning -- 2:45 p.m. -- a friend -- a holiday -- no gnats in Mrs. Jones room -- Friday -- listening to Mr. Strick- land -- a clean gymsuit -- eating -- cool weather -- understanding Physics -- "gifted" fingers in typing -- not being a Freshman -- the "caedyman" and his machine THE as soon as Alfred was smoth- ered to death. Though that touchdown was not counted, it was a great fake, and Bo and Alfrad, ya'll do it again some- time! LOST one yellow gold locket with initials on back. If found please return to Susan Moody. This locket is very special and very important. THE EUCLID MATH CLUB met October 17 with Mrs. Jones. They made definite and final plans for a bake sale (yum,yum). Officers for the coming year were elected and they are: president - BillRod- well; vice-president - Fletcher Gibson; secretary - Terry Hamilton and treasurer - Susan M pod y ! ! DON'T FORGET the Hal- loween Carnival this Saturday night, October 28, at the Old National Guard Armory Hall. Yes, come one, come all for a delightful night. This year's carnival has many entertaining activities planned such as a country store, horror of horrors house, cake walk, dunking stool, food and a whole bunch of other good stuff. So make it your business to come! OUR FOOTBALL TEAM HAS their own television show. Yes, as some of you might know, the Wildcats can be seen every Wednesday evening on Cable T. Y., Channel 8 at 7:30! The program, "The Coach Godwin Hour," is in the top ratings in the homes of the Wildcat fans. Films of the games can be seen and the excitement of the ballgame can be relived right then and there. Keep it up CATS, you're gr-r-r-r-r-r-r-eat!!ll?!!! F.H.S. WANTED . . . Wildcat vic- tory over Luverne! NEEDED... Several First Aid Kits - contact chemistry class FOR SALE . . . High grade black gunpowder - contact Mr. Wallace NEEDED . . . Several roils of Correct-o-Type Contact Typing 1 class. WANTED . . One crash helmet see Mrl C. Powell FOR SALE . . . Alka-Selt- zers - see Math Club. NEEDED . . . Longer recess and lunch contact Mr. C. Stevenson ATTENTION JRS... Soon to be available, good used Mytho- logy and Illiad books -contact Srs. FOR SALE . . . Used lard buckets in good condition - con- tact F. H. A. 's new members. I I EDITORIAL I At nearly any given time, everyone needs a little prodding or coaxing to help him rea- lize his mistakes. Thepurpose of this editorial, which is third in a series of many more, is to draw the attention of the F.H.S. students to a current is- sue which affects the entire stu- dent body. It has been brought to the at- tention of this editor, by a few concerned parties, that the entire student body as a whole lacks the enthusiasm, zeal and zip which shou}d be coming forth from such a group. This quality is more commonly known as SPIRIT! Nobody can really say just exactly how it feels to take the field, do a show or run a touch- down play, and hear the spirit generated by the onlookers. It will make one swell with pride and feel chill-bumps up and down his spine. When, for example, a footbP ,1 player, bas- ketball player or any other per- ~ormer hears the sound of yells, cheers, and chants, he can't help but feel that the people take pride in his work and are there for a purpose; to let him know it. It has been said that it takes an organization such as a band to begin the generation of real spirit. Maybe it's because we are afraid that someone close by will yell, "Sit down and shut up. I can't see." Well, you can just say to him, "If you really care, you'll stand and yell, too." How can this affect the entire student body? When the school makes a trip for an off gameor even for a home appearance, it is usually judged according to its support for its team. And we certainly want to make a good impression. The Wildcat Band's motto is: "Pride--What it takes to be Su- perior". For the entire school it could be changed to read: "Spirit--What it takes tobeSu- perior". Now, our football team is really doing a great job, so let's let them know it. Let's support them and let them know that "we've got SPIRIT! Halloween What would October be with- out Halloween? With neighborhood children dressed so keen. An passing few are they who speak For those who do say trick or treat. With ghoullies and ghosties an long legged beasts. An all their bags filled with good tasting treats. Our Legislature now mee(s eve~w olher \'era. Amendment No. ! calls for annual sessions. Unproductive sessions. It cos/ Vt)tl and the other taxpayclS o[ Ahiban:m 53!: million to pay for the hist year of legislative sessions. Three and a half million dollars for bickering, ct)nfusion, inaction and clowning. Simply doubling the time the legishltors spend in Montgomery isn•t ~2(dng to help. No limit on salary or expenses. Salary and expense allowances are n()l spelled out in the Amendn3ent. You are asked to approve an open ticket for salary and expense allowances for legishltors. And. if the Arnendn3ent is approved, there will be no public controls. }%u will ,o1 hc i~(:rmi/lcd i() vote (m pay raLsus ~n e.Xl~Cnw.~. The natural question is, why didn't the sponsors of the Amendment clearly state the money involved I~c/',rc asking your approval of the Amendment'? More expenses.., higher taxes. More legishlljvc sessions would mean more expenses. Salary and expense allowances •.. addilicmal full-t ime adminisl ra! ire assis! ante FLORALA NEWS - THURSDAY, QUOTABLE QUOTE OF TH E WEE K: Report cards were banded out, And most of us know without a doubt. We will have to study harder to get the grades we want, Cause we all know what will happen, if we don't!!!!! Do the stars affect our weather') Does the Milky Way, which now extends in a vast curve through the center of the celestial hem- isphere from northeast to west, have any influence on weather') As far as astronomers now know, the stars have little if anything to do with our weather, but our sun is all-important and actually is the s o u r c e of all our weather. The stars---and other suns---may have long range bearings on our sun and on our weather but that question is not yet finally resolved. The sun's heating of the earth's surface is the be- ginning of all our weather movement, the making of clouds, the rising of warm air, and the making of winds. Without our sun, the earth would be a bleak place, like the moon or some cold lifeless planet. WEEKLY Smrsh One of mY ries of our sc rope. was box from home cookies, homemade other good cent of home, have children overseas enjoy a taste from home. He well• Fruit-N-spiee. 1 c soft 2 c brown 2 eggs ?/z c cold cc 3~ c sifted I t soda 1 t salt i t nutmeg I t 2~ c halves sins 1¼ c Mix well ttte sugRt, and e coffee and ingredients sifted together. Then add the nuts. Chill for drop by fuls 2 inches ly greased c Bake at 400 set, about I0 makes abOUt cookies. REPUBLICAN VOTE PD. PaL. ADV. BY COVINGTON COUNTY R P. O. BOX 880, ANDALUSIA, e •.. new office space.., more It's fair to assume that rnore ex mean more taxes. Nearly every legishtture a//vadr means extra taxes us. Doubling the humber of sessions the bill for Alabama taxpayers. Demand legislative reform first. You have a right to clemand that tt Alabama Legishlture get their order before they ask you for more m( Surveys have indicated that nine out Alabama citizens want every public including meml ers of the legislature, public each year all sources of their I~r income. They also want a law which lawyer in lhe le,~islature nor his firm all(iwed to represent clients that are or., State, County, City or regulalory agen, are the kinds ()f refornls neecled in ment. And uniil they are enacted, i~o extra time the legislators spend in can help our legislative tie-ups. Until some real reforms are no| fair for the legislature t() ask you taxes for re(we unprt)dttctive sessions. Taxpayers Agsinl James A Walta,