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October 26, 1972     The Florala News
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October 26, 1972

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INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. --CT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. NEWS -THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1972 125.12 Five (5) printed copies of the Final Plat 126,5 Owner's Certification. A signed certification 132.6 Development alon9 Major Street~ Limited-Access m--~signed certifications and other documents as of Ownership shall be placed on the Final Plat as follows: Highway or Railroad Right-of-Way. specified in Section 126 herein. Where a subdivision abuts or contains an expressway, "Owner's Certification: freeway, arterial or collector street, or a railroad ~,~S.2 Review of the Final Plat. The zoning enforcement ~hall check the plat for conformance with the ~ntatively approved Preliminary Plat, and with regula- tions of this Ordinance. ~b" Notice of time and place y registered mail to the address of the subdivider not less than five days before the date fixed therefore. It shall be the responsibility of the zoning enforcement officer to send the said notice. State of Alabama, County of Covington The undersigned certified that he is the owner of the land shown on this plat and acknowledges this plat and a11otment to be his free act and deed and dedicates to public use forever all areas shown or indicated on this plat as streets, alleys, ease- ments, or parks." Date Owner's Name right-of-way, the Commission may require a street approximately paralle~ to and on each side of such right-of-way either as a marginal access street, or at a distance suitable for an appropriate use of intervening land, with a non-access reservation suitably planted. Due regard should be given requirements for approach grades and future grade separations in determining distances. Lots shall have no access to expressways, freeways, or arterial streets, but only to an accessible street in which case the Commission may require double frontage lots. PAGE I1 f 125.22 Office Approval. The zoning enforcement O~cer may give final approval in the name and on behalf of the Commission provided the Final Plat is the same as that granted preliminary approval by the Commission and that all conditions specified by the Commission and specified herein have been met; and shall sign a certificate of approval on all ~sdrawings with two (2) copies being returned ubdivider, one copy to the Covington County Health Department, one copy to the Office of the Building Inspector for the Council and one copy being added to the records of the Commission. No final Plat shall be approved by the zoning enforcement officer until the required certifications have been approved by the appropriate approving agents as required in Section 126. 125.23 Disapproval. The Commission or the zoning ~orcement officer may find the Final Plat in con- flict with the tentatively approved Preliminary Plat or with this Ordinance requiring the disapproval of the Final Plat. A statement of the reasons for disap- Proval shall be placed on two copies of the Final Plat With one copy being returned to the subdivider and one Copy being added to the records of the Commission. No certificate of approval shall be given. The Final Plat may be resubmitted as a new application for Final Plat approval for hearing after the corrections noted by the Commission are made. 125.24 Automatic Approval. Failure of the Commission t-o-act on the Final Plat within thirty (30) days after submission thereof shall be deemed to be approval of the Plat and a Certificate of Final Approval shall be issued by the Commission on demand, provided, however, that the subdivider may waive this requirement and con- sent to an extension of time. nal Plat Specifications. 1~~h~ - the Preliminar Plat. The Final the conditions of the tentatively ~Proved Preliminary Plat. nal Traci >ecifications. The Final Plat on any acceptable Cing material. The scale shall be lO0 feet or 50 feet an inch on a sheet size of not greater than 18 inches 24 inches. If the complete plat cannot be shown on one ~t of this size, it may be shown on more than one sheet an index map at a reduced scale. Additional cations. The Final Plat shall owlng i ion: Name and address of owner of record and of subdivider. North point and graphic scale and date. Vicinity map showing location and acreage of the Subdivision. , ~ ~ Names of owners of record of adjoining land with its appropriate acreage. Location of streams, lakes, and swamps and land subject to flood as determined from past history of flooding. Bearings and distanceto permanent points of the nearest existing street lines or bench marks or Other permanent monuments (not less than three) Shall be accurately described on the plat. ()) Municipal and county lines shall be accurately tied to the lines of the subdivision by distance and angles wher~ such lines traverse or are reasonably close to the subdivision. (B) The closest land-lot corner shall be accurately tied to the lines of the subdivision by distance and angles. (~) Location of land dedicated for a neighborhood park or open space area for subdivisions exceeding ten (lO) lots. allQ) Lan~-lot and land-district number shall be shown. '~11) Exact boundary lines of the tract, determined by a field survey, giving distances to the nearest one- tenth (I/lO) foot and angles to the nearest minute, Shall be balanced and closed with an apparent error of closure not to exceed one in five thousand. Name of subdivision, exact locations, widths, and names of all streets and alleys within and immedi- ately adjoining the new subdivision shall be shown- on the plat. Street right-of-way lines shall show angles of deflection, angles of intersection, radii, and lines of tangents. lIB) Lot lines shall be shown with dimensions to the nearest one-tenth (I/lO) foot and bearings. Lots shall be numbered in numerical order and blocks lettered alphabetically. Each lot shall have a house number. Location, dimensions, and purposes of any easements and any areas to be reserved or dedicated for the Public use shall be shown on the plat. Accurate location, material, and description of monuments and markers, shall be described on the Plat. Minimum building front yard. setback lines shall be Shown. 's Certification. A signed certification surveyor certifying to the accuracy and the plat shall be placed on the Final OPinion this plat is a correct representation Platted and has been prepared in confor- the minimum standards and~requirements of been calculated for closure by latitudes rtures and is found to be accurate Within in feet." Surveyor No. 126.6 Health Department Certification. A signed certifi- cation of the Covington County Health Department shall be placed on the Final Plat as follows: "I certify that the general lot layout shown on this plat has been approved by the Covington County Health Department for development with ,H Date Health Officer The blanks in the above certification statement shall be completed by the Health Officer, or his representative, so as to indicate whether approval is based upon the use of individual water supplies, a community sewerage system, a community water supply or a combination thereof. 126.7 Certificate of Approval by the Council. certification of the Council shall be placed on Plat as follows: A signed the Final "We certify that the owner, or his agent, has com- pleted the construction and installation of the streets, drainage, utilities and other improvements in accordance with the laws and specifications of the City of Florala, Alabama, or has posted a performance bond in lieu thereof." Date (Title of Zoning Enforcement Officer) (City Clerk) Section 127. Certificate of Final Approval bx the Commission. Certification of final approval by the Commission shall be placed on the Final Plat only after every item in Section 125 and 126 of this Ordinance has been complied with and shall state the following: "I certify that all the requirements for Final Approval of this Plat have been fulfilled in accordance with the Ordinance of the City of Florala, Alabama, and the requirements of the Florala City Planning Commission." Date Florala City Planning Commission, Chairman Section128. Recordin~ of Final Plat. Upon the approval of a Final Plat by the Commission, the owner, or his agent, shall have the Final Plat recorded in the Office of the Probate Judge prior to the sale of any lot in the subdivision. Upon recording of the approved Final Plat, a copy of any private covenants or deed restrictions shall be provided by the subdivider for the records of the Commission. Section 129. Subdivision not Exceedin9 Five (5) Lots. Notwithstanding the provisions stated elsewhere in this Ordinance the zoning enforcement officer is hereby delegated the authority to give preliminary and final approval in the name and on behalf of the Commission to applications for approval of a new subdivision not exceeding five (5) lots in size pro- vided no new street is involved; the required certifications have been approved by the appropriate agent; no variances are involved; and all the requirements set forth in this Ordinance are met. ARTICLE XIII GENERAL REQUIREMENTS AND MINIMUM STANDARDS OF DESIGN FOR THE SUBDIVISION OF LAND Section 131. General Design Requirements. 131.1 Suitability of Land. Land subject to flooding, improper drainage, or erosion, or which is for topo- graphical, geological or other reasons unsuitable for residential use shall not be platted for residential use nor for any other uses than will continue to increase the danger to health, safety, or property destruction, unless the hazards can be and are corrected. 131.2 Name of Subdivision. The name of the subdivision must have the approval of the Commission. The name shall not duplicate nor closely approximate the name of an existing subdivision. 131.3 Access. Access to every subdivision shall be prov~over a public street. 131.4 Conformance to Adopted Major Thoroughfare Plans. All streets and other features of the Major Thoroughfare Plan of the City of Florala shall be platted by the subdivider in the location and to the dimension indicated on the Major Thoroughfare Plan adopted by the Council. 131.5 Through Traffic. Minor streets shall be so laid out that their use by through traffic will be discouraged. Section 132. General Requirements for Streets and Other Right-of-Way. 132.1 Continuation of Existin9 Streets. Existing streets shall be continued at the same or greater width, but in no case less than the required width. 132.2 Connections with Future Subdivisions. Streets shall be reserved at strategic locations to provide for future'access to adjoining properties which may be sub- divided in the future. Each street connection shall intersect property lines at a ninety (90) degree angle. 132.3 Street Names. Street names shall require the approval of the Commission. Streets that are obviously in alignment with streets already in existence and already named shall be given the name of the existing street. Names of new streets shall not duplicate or closely approximate those of existing streets. 132.4 Street Jo~s. Street jogs with center-line offsets of less than 125 feet shall not be permitted. 132.5 Cul-de-Sacs. Cul-de-sacs, or dead-end streets, shall not be greater in length than 800 feet. They shall be provided at the closed end with a turn-around having a property line radius of at least 50 feet with an out- side pavement radius of at least 40.feet. 132.7 Half Streets. Half streets shall be prohibited except where essential to the reasonable development of the subdivision in conformity with the other requirements of these regulations; and where the Commission finds it will be practicable to require the dedication of the other half when the adjoining property is subdivided, the other half of the street shall be platted within such tract. 132.8 Alleys. The requirements for providing alleys within a subdivision are as follows: 132.81 Alleys shall be provided in multi-family, commercial and industrial districts, except where other definite and assured provision is made for service access such as off-street parking, loading and unloading consistent with and adequate for the uses proposed. 132.82 Alleys shall not be provided in one and ~mily residential developments unless the subdivider provides evidence satisfactory to the Commission of the need for alleys. 132.83 Dead-end alleys shall be avoided where possible, but if unavoidable, shall be provided with adequate turn around facilities at the dead- end, as determined by the Commission. 132.9 Reserve Strips and Easements. 132.91 Reserve strips controlling the access to streets shall be prohibited except where this con- trol is definitely placed in the hands of the Council under conditions approved by the Commission. The Commission may control access to expressways, freeways, arterial and collector streets by requiring all lots to face and have access to only minor streets. 132.92 Easements having a minimum width of lO feet ~cated along the side or rear lot lines shall be provided, as is necessary for utility lines and under- ground mains and cables. Where a subdivision is traversed by a water course, drainage way, channel or streams, there shall be provided a storm-water or drainage right-of-way of adequate width. Parallel streets may be required by the Commission in connec- -tion therewith. Section 133. Right-of-Way Width Requirements . The minimum street right-of-way widths shall be as follows: (1) Freeways and Expressways -- 150 feet (2) Arterial Streets -- lO0 feet (3) Collector Streets -- 80 feet (4) Minor Commercial & Industrial Streets -- 60 feet (5) Minor Residential Streets -- 50 feet (6) Dead-end Streets (Cul-de-Sacs) -- 50 feet (7) Marginal Access Streets -- 50 feet (8) Alleys -- 20 feet Section 134. Street Design Requirements. 134.1 Street Intersections. Street intersections shall be as nearly at right angles as possible with no street intersection being at any angle of less than 75 degrees. 134.2 Right-of-Way Radius. The street right-of-way radius at street intersections shall be at least 20 feet. Where the angle of street intersection is less than 90 degrees, the Commission may require a larger radius. 134.3 Additional Width on Existin9 Streets. Subdivisions that adjoin existing streets shall dedicate additional right-of-way if needed to meet the minimum street width requirements set forth in Section 133. 134.31 The entire right-of-way shall be provided ~9 any part of the subdivision is on both sides of ti~e existing streets. 134.32 When the subdivision is located on one side o--~an existingstreet one-half (I/2) of the required right-of-way, measured from the center line of the existing roadway, shall be provided. Section135. Design Standards for Blocks and Lots. 135.1 Design Lengths and Widths. Block lengths and widths shall be determined based on the followi'~g requirements: 135.11 Blocks shall not be greater than 1,200 feet. 135.12 Blocks shall be wide enough to provide two ~of lots of minimum depth, except where abut- ting upon major streets, limited-access highways, or railroads or where other situations make this requirement impracticable in which case the Com- mission may approve a single tier of lots of minimum depth. 135.13 Blocks shall have pedestrian walkways, not eTesT~han ten (lO) feet wide, where deemed essential, to provide circulation, or access to schools, play- grounds, shopping centers, transportation and other community facilities. 135.2 Lot Sizes. Lot dimensions shall conform to the requirements set forth in the zoning districts in which the land to be subdivided is located. Residential cor- ner lots shall have adequate width to permit appropriate building setback from and orientation to both abutting streets. ]35.3 Buildin~ Lines. A building line meeting the front and side yard setback requirements of the zoning district in which the subdivision is located shall be established on all lots. 135.4 Lots Abutting Public Streets. Each ~ot shall abut upon a Bedicate6 public street. 135.5 Double Frontage Lots. Double frontage lots should be avoided except where essential to provide separations of residential development from traffic ~rterlals or to overcome specific disadvantages of t~mgraphy and orien- tation. A planting screen easement of at least I0 feet,