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November 9, 2011     The Florala News
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November 9, 2011

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PAGE 4 THE FLORALA NEWS - WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2011 Comments Letter to the Editor The Florala News' editorial section is intended to provide our readers and citizens as complete an opportunity to express themselves with as few re- strictions as possible. Profanity, direct or implied, and attacks on one's per- son rather than on actions or deeds are not acceptable. Publication on this page in NO WAY REFLECTS AGREEMENT OR ENDORSEMENT BY THIS NEWSPAPER. CROSSWORD m Upon opening my e-mail and Twitter this morning (Tues- but rather practice chaperoned courtship, and the couple the family was in Israel, that some say could have put the day), I read that Jim Bob - Dude, seriqusly, just go with abstains from physical contact. In addition, the young man illness-prone Josie in serious health. Is what they do about 'Jim.' - and Michelle Duggar are expecting their 20th child, seeks permission from the young woman's father to become their family or about fame and money? They seem to be a Letme just say that I have only 2 children and there are engaged, family that lives very simply and is debt-free, so I can't see times that I want to pull my hair out. Can you imagine? Now, I'm certainly not anyone to tell anyone else howas though it's about money. They maybe just got caught up I found out a few things about the Duggar family from to live their life and/or raise their children, but at what in TLC's demand for ratings and went along, not complete- Wikipedia: point do you say that these kids are living too sheltered ly thinking about everyone's well-being. I mean just look at The Duggars elected to delay having children and prac- of a life? They're home-schooled, including college studies, what happened to the Gosselins. Fame and money changes ticed birth control [after they were married]. It was three But what really got me was the discouragement to date and some people faster than they can see it coming. years before Josh, their eldest child, was born. They then have physical contact with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Hugs Hey, hsten. If ya wanna have 20+ kids, go for it. But don't resumed using birth control; despite precautions, Michelle are not OK? How about a nice kiss on the cheek? Are they say it's God who's giving you all these kids. You stopped conceived again but suffered a miscarriage. Believing the just supposed t0 have 'chaperoned courtship' until it's time birth control. It's biology. As long as you keep having sex, miscarriage was due to the contraceptive, the Duggars quit to get married? Then what? Have kids left and right like without using any prevention, you're gonna get pregnant. birth control. As they explain, they "decided to allow God to their parents? It looks like the oldest, Josh, is already off It's as simple as that. determine the number of children" they would have." Shortly to a good start. He was married in 2008 and already hasI'm sure all of their children are very well-behaved and thereafter, Michelle became pregnant again, this time with 2 kids. He and his wife, Anna, have elected to go with the know right from wrong. There was even a story not too long her first set of twins, Jana and John-David. Thereafter, ap- 'M' theme of names for their kids. His parents went with ago of 2 of them helping to save the life of a 6-year-old in- proximately every year and a half, Michelle gave birth, all 'J's.' volved in a car crash. I just wonder what kind of lives they The Duggars are conservative Christians, and due toMichelle is 45 years old. I know in this day and age,really have and how their parents are preparing them for their fundamentalist biblical beliefs, they practice the )Col- woman can have kids later in their lives than previously the big, bad world out there. 'Cause no matter what you say lowing: The only television the family watches are whole- was thought to be safe, but when is she going to stop? Her to them, or what kind of example you lead, when you let some family programming on DVDs, and various historical last pregnancy was a bit on the dangerous side. In 2009, your kids out into the world, they are on their own. And if events. Internet use is restricted. The male family members she was taken to the hospital with gallstones and it was they're not exposed to others, as they grow up, how are they keep their hair cut short (by cutting their own hair to save discovered she had pre-eclampsia and doctors took the baby expected to handle life with others outside of your setting? money), while the females keep their hair long. The children via emergency delivery 3 months early. Little Josie weighed are home-schooled using a mix of materials, including those 1 lb. 6 oz. at birth. Just seems to me MicheUe's 45-year-old of Switched On Schoolhouse, Institute in Basic Life Prin- body has been through enough. [ ] ciples (IBLP), and Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). Apparently, because of their hectic TV schedule - the For college studies, several of the older kids use the Colleg- Duggars star in TLC's 19 Kids and Counting - they may ePlus!program. The children are discouraged from dating, have put Josie's life at risk. While filming for the show, No Regrets: Frank Kravetz's Story by Dr. Paul Kengor "Just existing became what was important," says 87-year- was watching out for me," Frank says today. old Frank Kravetz of Pittsburgh, captive of the "hell-hole" Liberation came April 29, 1945, by General Patton's 3rd that was Nuremberg Prison Camp. 'Vet even as I struggled Army. Grown men wept with joy, embracing their libera- with the day-to-day sadness and despair, I never once had tors, falling to their knees. Frank was among them; that is, any regrets that I signed up to serve." the 125 pounds that remained. An extended tour of Nazi camps as a wounded POW Frank returned home to Pittsburgh, hitchhiking all the scratching for survival wasn't what Frank had in mind way from New York. He unceremoniously arrived at his when he signed up to serve his country in World War II. He folks' door, no trumpets, no dramatic background music. He refused his parents' wishes to stay home; they already had hugged his mom and dad, went inside, and sat down. two sons overseas. Frank was eager to fight for the freedom Frank soon thereafter married his sweetheart, Anne. his Slovakian parents had secured in America. It was the They've been happily married ever since. He also got ac- least he could do. tive as an ex-POW, eventually becoming national director Francis Albert Kravetz was born October 25, 1923, inof American Ex-Prisoners of War. East Pittsburgh, near the Westinghouse plant that provid- I talked to Frank one day last August. We chatted about ed income and aspiration for an entire community. Every a friend of his who had recently died, another WWII vet- morning he shoveled soot that drifted onto the porch from eran gone. I told him it was critical that vets like him relay the steel mill. He lived a happy life. But then war came. their message to the current generation. Frank enlisted in the Army Air Corps. If he was going to Frank needed no convincing. "The current generation," help Uncle Sam beat the Nazis, he would do it from an air- he said, frustrated, "they don't know!" plane--and he did it very well, as a tail-gunner. To ensure they know, Frank wrote a book, a riveting ac- Frank's life as a soldier took a dramatic turn on Novem- count of his ordeal, titled, Eleven Two: One WWII Airman's ber 2, 1944 in a bomb-run over Germany. He crammed into Story of Capture, Survival and Freedom. The title refers the tail of a B-17, wedged inside a flak jacket. The target to November 2, a slate with multiple meanings in Frank's was Merseberg, a major industrial area. He flew amid an sojourn. air armada of 500 heavy bombers--each carrying eighteen Assisted by his daughter, Cheryl, the book is a vivid ac- 250-pound "general purpose" bombs--escorted by900 fight- count of the nitty-gritty, day-to-day details of an American er planes. POW held by Nazis, from the monotony to the terror, from While the Americans were ready for business, so was the the hunger and wounds that wouldn't heal to the rock that Luftwaffe, which set aside every aircraft to defend Merse- was his faith. berg. Frank's plane came under hot pursuit by GermanFor too long, guys like Frank didn't tell their story. %Ve fighters. Frank to0kthem on with a twin .50 caliber machine didn't talk about it," he explains, "It was too tragic So I gun manned from the taft. It was a dogfight, and Frank was just moved on. I just moved on." shot and badly wounded. His B-17 was filled with holes, the Frank is now willing to share. There are others like him, engines destroyed. The crew had to bail, quickly, and they won't be around much longer. A decade or two Frank was bleeding profusely and could barely move. His from now, they'll be nearly extinct. buddies tried to get a parachute on him, but it opened in- If you know a Frank who hasn't told his story, help him. side the plane. They wrapped it around him, taking care not Get a pen, a video camera, whatever, and get him talking. to cross the chords, and tossed him out. To Frank's great As Frank says, "they don't know." relief, the chute opened. Instantly, the deafening chaos qui- They need to know. Men like Frank Kravetz have no re- eted, and Frank floated like he was on the wings Of angels, grets, but we'll regret not pausing to record their history. The tranquility halted with a rude thump as Frank hit -- Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science at" the ground and tumbled like a shot jackrabbit. German sol- Grove City College and executive director of The Center for diers seized him. Vision & Values. His books include "The Crusader: Ronald Thus began "a lousy existence," or, as Frank dubbed it-- Reagan and the Fall of Communism" and his latest release, "Hell's journey." Destination: Stalag 13-D. "Dupes: How America's Adversaries Have Manipulated Pro- How did he survive? "All I can say is that the good Lord gressives for a Century." etter to Editor, hand. He offered to open and re-box my boxes, BUT helped TREASURE FOUND IN FLORALA POST OFFICE -- me figure it all out, thus calming me down and assuring me, Last week, I had 4 packages to mail, so I went over to the there are still great, wonderful, helpful people in the world library to print the labels. I had forgotten to mark my boxes --- POST OFFICE!! with their contents! Thus when arriving at the post office The world is full of treasures, we just have to know how with the labels, I was completely "flustrated" and almost in to recognize them! tears (one box was marked). The wonderful "treasure" (the Mary Bilhngsley new, tall employee at the post office) took my dilemma in Florala The Florala News mm 1 2 13 16 19 25 26 m 3 m 27 58 59 65--~"---- ~ 69"~ ~ m m m 6 7 8 14 m m m 17 n 29 m m 38 m m m 46 m m 5O m 54 m 61 m 66 67 m m m 7O m ~ M 73 PRESENTED BY mm m 10 11 12 32 52 33 34 Where volunteering begins. 62 63 64 StatcPoint Media THEME: THE EIGHTIES 6. Frog's friend, according to Lo- bel ACROSS 7. Half the width of ems 1. In the air 8. Dried coconut meat 6. Detective 9. King? 9.*Notcool 10. Obama to Harvard Law 13. Rattlings heard with stetho- School, e.g. scope in respiratory disorder 11. Verde National Park 14. *Lennon's survivor 12. Spot of original sin? 15. Troubled 15. Farewells in Paris 16. Altogether 20. Like utopia 17. Cleopatra's cause of death 22. Some things cost this and a 18. Drench leg? 19. *Famine relief concert 24. Because of that 21. *Hoffman/Cruise Oscar-win- .25. *Often acid-washed ner 26. Like Hitler's ideal 23. *"It's the of the World as 27. Approval at the end of show We Know It" 29. Chihuahua-Pug hybrid 24. Weedy annual grass 31. Labor Day too. 25. *Type of punch thrown by32. Merman Mike Tyson 33. Useful 28. Virginia Hokies 34. *She looked "Pretty in Pink" 30. First M in MoMA 36. George Bernard 35. Makes mistakes 38. List of dishes 37. Attention grabber 42. * Burke of "Designing 39. Vigorous fight Women" 40. Indian nursemaid 45. Clemency 41. Baited 49. *"Baby " Duvalier, over- 43. * Simms, NY Giants thrown in'86 great 51. Once common in bathrooms 44. Like Annapolis Academy of French palaces 46. *He married Gilda Radner in 54. Dionysus' pipe-playing com- 1984 panion 47. it like it is 56. Halley's 48. Bamboozled 57. Aggressive remark 50. Tulip's early stage 58. Shakespeare's "at another 52. Grazing land time" 53. Like some neighbors? 59. Be on the,or heal 55. Habitual twitching 60. Greek god of war 57. *Unlikely bobsled competitor 61. Asian starling 61. *"Like a Virgin" songstress 62. "Not a" or "never a" 65. Not active 63. "1982 Tony Award winner 66. "Don't this at home!" 64. Kind of beer, pl. 68. Not your grandmother's 67. *"Cocoon" and "Parenthood" mail? director 69. 1970s disco band " last week's solution M." 70. In a distant place 71. Alloy of lead and tin 72. In same place as odds? 73. DNA transmitter 74. Eye infections DOWN 1. Seed cover 2. Hindu princess 3. Patron saint of Norway 4. Big fight 5. Obliquely