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November 30, 1972     The Florala News
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November 30, 1972

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:W'@SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. }ER 11 ' Z?RALA NEWS - THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1972 NeT TEACHER OF THE WEEK PICK A PAIR The Bobcat staff recently .......... ill .......... H I II I III . I Of Consuming Interest BY ANNIE LAURIE GUNTER Insurance policies offered claim was based on an existing by some mail order companies illness. can be misleading. To avoid Mail-order insurance has any pitfalls in purchasing in- also moved into the Medicare surance by mail you should field. Since Medicare went in- thoroughly understand the terms to effect in 1966, some corn- of a policy you are consider- panics have been distributing ing, before you decide to buy. advertising using such terms If you receive a copy of as "Medicare" on the cure- what appears to be an actual lope, a term implying that the policy with your name on it, insurance is in some way en- remember that this is still a dorsed or approved by theUnit- form of advertising. Read it ed States Government. carefully. Reading the material care- Don't be mislead by corn- fully should tell you this is plicated language. This is not true. The insurance is particulary true for those sec- offered by a commercial com- tions of the policy which limits puny at commercial rates and or restricts the payments the offers benefits in addition to company will make to you. those provided under the Consult your business friends Government Medicare Pro- went around to some of Pax- or seek out a reputable ton's more (or less)famous insurance agent to help you lovers and asked them who would be their chosen mate from the pages of history. Here are some of our couples: Rocky Stokes - Cleopatra Gary Mauldin - Raquel Welch Debra Walden - Hugh Hefner John McGonigle - Helen of Troy Mike Hulion - Annette Funi- cello understand the terms of the policy. The following deceptive prac- tices are used by companies in selling any type of insurance gram. Beward of "Low Premium' I advertising. What seems to be a low initial premium may increase greatly after a few years. Before you buy a mail order policy, check with your State Insurance Commissioner to see if the company is licensed to do business in Alabama. If it isn't so licensed, your State Insurance Commissioner will have no control or super- vision over the company. This means that if you and the company are in some dis- agreement, the Insurance Com- missioner is without authority to help you. Read it over carefully, under- stand the terms fully before you buy any mail-order insu- rance. Dental Treatment- by mail. If youareaveteran, amail A Habit Of Security order company might send you an envelope similar to that used by the United States Government Whether you are talking about tablets are in mailing checks and other your teeth or your car, a good coloring and are harmless. made of food Martha Coon - Daniel Boone pearance of the envelope and en- tistry is a matter of education plaque to build up. And when Eugene Pryor - Eve closed material, you will find and practice. See your den- eating those foods, remember Larry Harding - Juliet that the offer is being made by tist. He is the one to advise to brush immediately. Mr. Campbell - (Bachelor) a private, commercial in- you regarding an acceptable Visit your dentist as often Cindy Norris - Adam surance company in nowaycon- program of dental hygiene for as he advises. One visit every Naylene McClellan - Her- nected with the United States you. six months may not be enough t~t~ cules Government. Once you know what should for your particular case. iv, 's teactier is tdr. Mr. Yates served twenty Joyce Nolan - Davy Crockett It would be a good idea to be done --- and how, it is up I -s. He was born in years in the Air Force. He Marion Russ -Paul Revere check with your local Veterans to you to follow the program I COUnty Florida on Danny Varnum - Queen Vic- Administration to find out the daily. o~ill~' 1933. He' will he has beeQ in Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland and also MaRocko toria reliability of the company be- fore you purchase mail-order ~talr~~ .~. of the University of which is in Africa. We asked ed daily when coupled with bet~#l~ke Suggs - Queen Eliza- A preventionprogram follow- twilight.ida. He plans to be a Mr. Yates if he was rich, what insurance, regular visits to your dentist ~ ~,J, "'' "-- '- ' Crowlev dCher. Mr. Yates is would he do with the money, and Miss Crawford - Napeleon You are also given many op- can assure you a healthy mouth. $ l~.Mrs. Myrle Yates.he replied that he wouldbuild Mr. Hammond-(Bachelor)portunitiestopurchaseaccident And, more important, it can]~HOR0$COPE ~,~OUSewife. They have schools and hospitals. Mr. Thomas - (Bachelor) and health insurance by mail. enable you to keep your natural l[~u-tlren. We hope Mr. Yates willMr. Drake- sameoneasnow If you are considering such an teeth the rest of your life. ~l[~rite foods are roast, keep on enjoying Paxton.Mr. Lock - Stay put, too. offer, carefully check themean- The goal of any program i~e Pie. He likes all Mr. Wooten - "Janie C. ing of the various terms used. is the daily removal of plaque Week beginning November -6 ~!Usic especially coun- J'teStern His favorite Really" Some mail-orderpoliciesdefine ___ the cause of tooth decay the word "hospital" so speci- and gum disease. This hard- ~L~r is James Stewart. Catty ...fically that more than 80% of to-remove substance is caused SAGITTARIUS -- Usually I~ae Sports are hunting, "You say she traces her the hospitals in the country do by certain types of bacteria a happy person, those born ~d hiking. He really SPEAKER SYSTEM ancestry back to the Boston not qualify to give treatment, which form in the mouth and under this sign rule their ILl~ton. He said the ADDED TO GYM Tea Partyg" Other policies may offer adhere to teeth. In advanced lives with reason. Acquirers ire easy to work with are very interesting. AT PHS "Yes, I think her great- what appears to be maximum cases, these deposits of plaque of property, they are crier- grand-mother was the last coverage on all types of acci- are so heavy that they can be getic and enthusiastic. dent andsickness when actually seen as whitish mats on the Their lucky number is 9. Dermic Scroggins - Sunshine documents. The envelope might program of maintenance is the They are obtainable in most Cornsilk identify the company in such answer to the prevention of drug stores. By using them, Randy Huckabaa - Martha terms as "Veterans Insurance trouble, you can be sure the other Washington Division." It may also con- And the Alabama Dental As- parts of your preventivedentis- Laura O'Shields - Julius tain such words as "Important soetation advises that pre- "try program are being followed Caesar Business" and may be a post- vention of tooth decay is much properly. Mrs. Campbell - Dr. Drew age meter number instead of a preferred to repairing damage Remember diet is impor- Mrs. WhartleyWeldonstamp, and filling cavities. [ant to dental health. Avoid Johnson In spite of the official ap- Basically, preventive den- those foods that tend to cause bag they threw over the side." Guns and Children While preparing for a hunting trip, Hedges left his loaded rifle propped against the wall in the living room. His l 1-year-old son carried the gun outside, showed it to a friend, and accidentally fired a bullet into the other boy's leg. In short order, Hedges found himself facing a sizeable damage suit. At the trial,, be protested that he had never given his son permission to handle the rifle. CATS ADEMY the costs and other benefits are teeth. Generally, however, pla- for less than maximum,que is invisible to the untrain- If you read the policy care- ed eye. fully, often you will find a pro- Hardened plaque is removed vision that, for the first two by a regular cleaning of your Y~ar~ any claim filed can be teeth by a dental hygienist. How- denied on the basis that the ever, the amount ofplaque build-, CONSERVATION NEWS Our land has to accomodate not only farms and ranches but also cities and towns, highways, and housing developments. While supporting the ever in- creasing demands for fishing, hunting, camping, picnieing, play grounds, and other recrea- tional activities, the demands on our land will continue to grow in proportion to our popu- lation and industrial expansion. As our population continues to increase, wise use of land becomes more important to all of us. Some areas with fertile soil, though ideal for housing, might better be used for field crops. A wet place or a flood plain might be good for pasture and for some crops, but such an area brings trouble and loss if divided into building lots. The farmer that uses land wise- ly ordinarily earns a good liv- ing and he safeguards his part of our land for the future. The land is made up of soils that differ ~.n many ways. The up and the damage it does is reduced by an effective daily planned program. Nine out of ten patients can be "controlled" or decay free within six months to a year after going on a program of preventive dentistry. And if the program is continued faith- fully, the average patient never suffers from tooth decay again. Basically, a general pre- ventive dentistry program in- cludes seven steps. These are: 1. Brush your teeth. 2. Floss your teeth 3. Brush your tongue. 4. Use an oral irrigating device, if prescribed by your dentist. 5. Check regularly to see that you are doing these things properly. 6. Follow a program of good nutrition. 7. Visit your dentist re- gularly. One good way of removing plaque is by regular brushing. When brushing, place the brush at a 45-degree angle with the teeth at the gum line. Gently ideal soil for most uses is near- shimmy the brush horizontally ly level and easy to work. It back and forth across the teeth takes in and holds a good sup- in order to loosen the plaque. ply of water but does not stay Then brush straight up on low- wet. It contains plant nutrients er teeth; straight down onupper and holds them and holds those added in fertilizer. Most soils fall short of the ideal. Many are sloping, shallow, stony, wet, dry, sandy or clayey. Although these soils may not be well suited for row crops, they may be profitably used for other purposes. The Soft Conservation Ser- vice which operates through lo- cal Soil Conservation Districts is charged with the responsi- bility of making soil surveys for the Department of Agricul- ture and other cooperating agencies and units of Govern- ment. Many kinds of soil surveys are made such as: surveys for farm planning, large woodland tracts, wildlife areas, plots for conservation needs inventories, problem area maps, land re- source area maps, generalized soil maps, and soil association maps. Generalized soil maps have been of many towns and cities in Southeast Alabama, and also of Coffee, Dale and Houston Counties. Most emphasis is placed on mapping whole counties and writing a Soil Survey Report of the area. Such reports have been written on Dale and Hous- ton Counties. Geneva County has just been mapped and the re- port is in the process of being written. A soil survey is gett- ing underway in Coffee County. Many on site investigation are made for pond sites, irrigation, drainage, animal waste disposal areas, housing developments, sewage lagoons, and sanitary landfills. teeth. Never scrub viciously back and forth or up and down on your teeth. This is bad for both the tooth enamel and the gums. And it won't remove plaque. Once you have finished brush- tog in this manner, brush back and forth across the biting sur- face of the teeth. Using dental floss is vital also since most people's teeth are wedged so closely together the bristles of the toothbrush can't get between them. Dental floss must be properly used at least once each day. Every surface of the tooth should be reached by the/loss. Use a back-and-forth sawing motion to polish the surface until it squeaks -- a sign the floss is rubbing against the enamel of the tooth and the plaque has been removed. For best results, select an unwaxed floss. Coating forms on the ton- gue. Therefore, it is neces- sary to brush your tongue as well as your teeth. Place the brush (using tooth- paste if you like) at the back of the tongue and brush for- ward using a firm but gentle motion. In some individual cases water irrigating devices are prescribed to stimulate gums and flush debris out from nooks and crannies. But keep the water pressure low. Every two or three days, use "disclosing tablets" to make sure you are cleaning all surfaces of your teeth Such Their lucky day is Thursday. Their best color is purple. SAGITTARIUS -- Nov. 23 to Dee. 21--Don't let inter- ruDtions slow you down. Ig- nore them as much as pos- sible. Confusion now is only a prelude to a more peace- ful period. CAPRICORN -- Dec. 22 to Jan. 19--Prepare now for a happy holiday season. Ig- nore those who seem lack- ing in character. They are hurting only themselves. AQUARIUS -- Jan. 20 to Feb. 18 -- Rest as much as possible during this period. Much energy will be needed for forthcoming activities. Your schedule will be full of special events. PISCES--Feb. 19 to March 20 -- Invitations abound where good food is served. Watch your weight as much as possible, but don't let it hamper your good times. ARIES--March 21 to April 20--Charm needed now! Im- prove your wardrobe and you will feel ten years younger. A new hai'rstyle will also help. TAURUS-April 21 to May 20 -- Old friends appear on the scene b r i n g i n g much pleasure to you. A telephone message could also bring good news. Relax and enjoy old memories. GEMINI--May 21 to June 20 -- If demands seem too. heavy take a short vacation. You will return with a new outlook on life. Your work will improve with a small amount of effort. CANCER-June 21 to July 22 -- F e e I i n g that no one cares about anyone else's welfare is an idea you must not retain. People do care and they do want to help. Give them a chance. LEO -- July 23 to Aug. 22 --Tidy up your desk or work area. Otherwise you may get lost in the shuffle. Organ- ized effort will improve the quality of your work. VIRGO--Aug. 23 to Sept. 22 -- Accept constructive criticism. It can help you immensely. Use your time wisely. Time is the most precious c o m m o d i t y you have. LIBRA--Sept. 21 to Oct. 22-- An ideamay come about enabling you to i n c r e a s e your earning power. This is a good week for Christmas shopping and social activi- ties. SCORPIO--Oct. 23 to Nov. 22--Make an effort to keep your routine running smooth- ly. Better to be safe with proven methods than to be sorry. Don't make drastic changes at the present time. At the Greenwood game Pax- ton's fans were treated to pre- game music and line up intro- ductions on Paxton's new pub- lic address system. The sys- tem uses a 35 watt amplifier, mmrophone, cassette recorder, and two horn type speakers, and really can be heard. The school would like to thank the athletic department, Beta Club, Cheeleaders, FFA, FHA, Pep Club, Student Council, An- nual Staff, Seniors, Juniors, and Seventh and Eighth Grades for their donations toward purchas- ing this fine new addition to our basketball games, PTA, and other public events. So comeout and see and hear the Bobcats! BOBCATS ROLL Sdaynight, November OVER HOBC ES FOR m:, Won their third 2ND STRAIGHT WIN I thout a defeat in a i~inst Pensacola Aca- Last Friday, November 17, ~ ,%~: o %ers ofrOr ?:/:i~ n Paxton Bobcats won their second victory in a game against the ~t011 56 and Pensacolay Laurel Hill, Hoboes. Thescores i"~8. were 44-17 for the B-Team I[toD scorer for Pax- and 62-53 for the varsity. The i[$L~am was Wayne Mil- top scorers of the B-Team were: Mike Hulion, I0 points, ~15 Points. All other Wayne Milton, 9 points, Rocky i:.,atl 8 points for a ba- l~l~ck. The top scores Stokes, 8 points, and Paul Var- 1L?'tSacola Academy was hum, 6 points. The A-Team a[~,t, With 12 and J. Wil- scorers were: CorriganCamp- 10. bell, 20 points, Danny Gomil- Lrsity team scores 66 and Pensacola 28. Paxton's top l~ Corrigan Camp- llt :~ and Danny Gomil- :~lal~; Top scorers for 'i: academy was Steve I~h~.Bob Palmer. Both lion, 14 points, Dennis Geohagan with 9 points. The Hoboes top B-Team score was 8 points made by L. Smith and their A-Team score was 14 points -made be Johnny Bennitt. They all put up a good fight, but Paxton's speed and rebounding made the difference. NI GI'I From Until FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING CONVENIENCE WE HAVE RECEIVED SO MANY NEW ITEMS PERFECT FOR But the court held him liable anyhow. The court said he was guilty of negligence for leaving a dangerous weapon so easily ac- cessible to a youngster. Today, more than half of the nation's households have guns. Consequently, the chances of parental liability are at an all- time high. Tbe law lays a heavy responsibility on adults to keep firearms out of immature hands. In fact, many courts have been just as strict about BB guns, partly because they too can in- flict injury and partly because they may be restricted by a local ordinance. However, the less the danger the less the responsibility. On this ground, an injury caused by a child's toy bow and arrow was held not attributable to his par- ents. And in another case, parents were held not liable for their son's carelessness with a sling shot--a common plaything in the neigh- borhood. Of course, almost any object can be used in a dangerous way if a child is so inclined. For example: An ll-year-old boy picked up an old golf club which his father had left lying on the grass in their back yard. The boy swung at a pebble, but instead struck a play- mate in the jaw. Clearly, the club had been turned into a dangerous weapon on this particular occasion. But a court ruled that the father could not be blamed, since a golf club would not ordinarily fit that rule. It was the kind of misuse, said the court, that the father could not fairly be expected to foresee. CHRISTMAS GIFTING. A public service feature of the American Bar Association and the Alabama State Bar Asaocia. lion. Written by Will Bernard. 1972 American Bar Association PAGE 1 The Truth Shall Make You Free By: REV. JACK E. ROOPER 136 Martin Drive Barboursville, W. Va. 25504 I'LL WATCH T. V. IN HEAVEN I came in contact with a small booklet the other day that left a tasting impression with me. The title was "This Was Your Life." This booklet with Bible verses and illustrative pictures gives an awakening reality that every man shall stand before God and give an account of his life here upon the earth. Romans 14:12 says, "So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God." The word account means to give a reason or explanation. The big question is how or under what circumstances will x~e have to give an account of our lives. The Bible says in Luke 8:17, "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and spread abroad." Also in Luke 12:3, "Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be pro. claimed upon the housetops." In light of these scriptures I believe the account of our lives will be given before God and the whole world. It could just well be that when we are called to stand before God to give the account of our lives that God will turn on a giant T. V. set and replay our entire lives for the world to see. You may say that this would take a lot of time; but, remember, when this takes place, there will be no such thing as time; we will be in eternity. Nov,, for a moment, let's look into the future when you will stand before God, saint or sinner, to give your account. There sits God on his throne; Jesus, his son, is seated on his right hand; and the Holy Spirit is there along with thousands of holy angels. Behind you stand your wife, children, mother, father, brothers, sisters, neighbors, people you worked with, every soul you came in contact with while upon this earth, and every person v,ho has ever lived. They will be there to watch and listen as you explain your life to God. The Bible says in Revelations 20:12, "And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened; and another book was opened which is the book of life; and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works." Yes, there stands the whole world, waiting to hear you explain your life to God. You begin to speak with quavering lips and stammering tongue, "Well, Lord, I always believed in you. I was trying to be a pretty good person. I might have done a few bad things, but I surely didn't v,ant you to think I was like all those hypo. crites." God speaks, "That's not a good account you have given. Here in Heaven we keep really good records of what you were doing down on earth. Let'splay back the film and let the record speak fox" itself." God then turns on a giant T. Vo set. Across the screen are the words, "This Was Your Life." The -Bible says in Mark 4:22, "For there is nothing hxd, which shall not be manifested." In Matthew 12"36 we find, "But l say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment." Mart, what an interesting program that is going to bel Yes, every idle word, every secret sin, every lie, every thought of your mind will be for the whole world to see. 1, personally, don't v,atch T. V. here; but that's one time the whole world is going to sit back and watch as you give an account of every evil deed you have ever done. I am sure there are going to be a lot of surprises, yes, we have been limited to just looking on the outward appearance of man; but now we are going to set. v,hat has been going on inside. Yes, many secret love affairs are going to be exposed; many professed Christians are going to hide their heads in shame when the truth of their lives is sho~sn before the whole world. Yes, that day of "giving accounts" could get really exciting. Worst of M1, as the hidden things of your life are portra](ed on God's big T. Y. screer~, God himself will laugh at you a~; stated in Psalms 37:13, "The Lord shall laugh at him: . . . ', and in Proverbs 1:26, ,q also ~ill laugh at your calamity; 1 v,ill mock ~hen your fear cometh." If this doesn't bring some worry and concern to your life, it should. Yes, you should be busy getting that film strip of your life censored. Jesus said he, would make a deal with you if you are interested. Read Hebrev,s 10:I6.17. My life is hidden in Christ. What about yours? 8-6002 Floralu, Ale. with spark arresting muffler II Complete with 14 inch bar and chain. qhm h PAXTON, FLORIDA III l l l Ill II II l l