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December 3, 1970     The Florala News
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December 3, 1970

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IMAGE SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SUBJE(t~.i~L~i~I~SE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. Scribbles By Merle Woodham "TELL IT LIKE IT IS", the folk musical, presented by the Florala Youth Christian Asso- ciation Choir under the capable direction of Phll Jones, was one of the grandest musical presentations it has ever been my pleasure to see. Fm sure Phll would say, 'q could never have done it wlthout the assistance of my wife, Sue, and that of Julia Ann and Danny Harrison". I overheard Sue's comments when someone was telling her how much they en- joyed the program and what a superb job they had done in directing. She said, 'qt was the children - they deserve the credit". May I express my appre..a- tion to all of you - directors and youth alike not only for the beautiful words and music of the presentation but for your christian witness exemplified in giving your audience the challenge to "Tell It Like It Is" and to pass the love of God on to their friends and neighbors as the opportunity arises. Steve Windham, playimg lead guitar, and Steve Straughnplay- ing the bass guitar added an extra spark to the musical ac- companiment. I attendedboth performances, the one at Florala High School Friday night, and at the Baptist Church Sunday night. Both were exceptional, though I enjoyed the performance at the Baptist Church better. The blend of voices was better and I could better understand the words. A high school gym is not the most desirable place to have a musical. The Florala City School auditorium would pro- bably have been the better of the two places - we have such a wide choice for such per- formances. Maybe if our Florala City School Board of Education ever decide to get a building program underway, a nice auditorium will be included. We could sure use one. IT SURE WAS GREAT enjoy- ing a delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner and not have to worry about the pre- paration, cleaning up after- wards and what to do with the leftovers. /. This was my pleasure when all the family gathered at the home of my little sister, June (Mrs. Bob McDurmont)in Pen- sacola, My brothers Obie and Grover and sister, Edna (Mrs. C I). Suggs, Jr.) chipped in and brought a large portion of the meal. Those of us from out-of-town, my self, Fay (Mrs. Aubrey Hldle of Geneva)and Ruby (Mrs. Malone Cooper of Montgomery) Just brought our- selves and our family. R was truly a beautiful day for family get-to-gethers and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Pictured below is my family and our children. SATURDAY'S AUBURN- - ALABAMA game will no doubt go down in history (if you're an Auburn fan) as the classic of all times. Exciting is really not the word to describe it and to whip them two years in a row is beyond the wildest dreams. And to overcome a first quarter deficit of 17-0 is unbelievable. I can tell yon one thing, it sure caused a lot of yard rak- ing to take place on our end of town. Larry had been raking all morning but had quit to listen to the game. When they couldn't hold that Tide offense and then failed to capitalize on a fumble recovery in the first quarter, he went back to raking yards. GRry and I would keep him posted on the action. It wasn't long before he threw the rake aside and Joined for the duration of the game. On the other hand, ournelgh- her, Margaret Shelly, had start- ed raking the yards and I suppose listened to the game for a while but it wasn't long before she, a devout 'Bamafan, was giving those leaves trouble. She nearly finished her job. Her yards looked so pretty. Our yards would have looked a lot better if Auburn had con- ttnued their downward trend. But, those leaves can just wait- WAR R RR EAGLE... I UNDERSTAND representa- tives from the ladies clubs and a number of other interested citizens met with the City Cotm- cLl last week in an effort to get zoning laws establl.shed for the City of Floraia, th~s pre- venting business establish- ments, etc. within residential areas. This effort comes a little late but is certainly a worth- while one and I wish them every success. Another meeting concerning this issue is upcoming. , ? i / ~i ... MY MOTHER, BROTHERS AND SISTERS . . THE GRANDCHILDREI~ ;Jtorata Nems SOU Itl FIFTH STREET - FLORALA, ALABAMA 36442 LARRY K. WOODHAM ........... PUBLISHER- EDITOR MERLE WOOl)HAM ................. ASSOCIATE EDITOR Second Class Postage Paid at Florala, Alabama 36442 - SUBSCRIPTION RATES - Covington County Alabama $4 20 IF * I * Elsewhere in Alabama. $6.~$ e Other Stat~ . ,. ,... ." ." , ,.';'," ." ".'.'.'.." ." $6.00 - ESTABLIsHED 1900 - A WORD OF WARNINGtoyou people living out around Jackson Pond Watch your step if you happen to be stepping late in the evening or night. On Friday afternoon about two weeks ago, my maid's daughter, Virginia Johnson, returning home from teaching school at Coffee Springs, ran to the kitchen door to teLl me that she thought she had run up on something I would be interest- ed in taking a picture of. She said, "Mrs. Woodham, there is a big alligator laying by the side of the road a few miles back and he has something in his mouth. I know he isn't dead because his eyes are just a- batting". And she demonstrated the manner in which his eyes were batting... I got Larry to go with me and we followed Virginia back to the spot where she had seen the alligator and by that time he really had an audience Be- fore I could get focused on the old gentleman (approximately q feet) a soldier driving a jeep decided to run over him. The alligator decided differently and when the jeep approached, he attacked it grabbing hold of the front end and stopped it dead in its tracks. The soldier raced the motor of the jeep trying to overcome the 'gators strong defense but gave up and left after I began hollowing'at him telling him not to kill that alligator. He must no, have known that a S00 dollar fine goes along with killing an alli- gator. By this time the 'gator was furious and was Jumping at everything that moved. Larry had driven up fairly close to him and I opened the car door and was very cautiously aim- ing the camera at him when Larry decided to get a little closer and began backing the car in his direction. Iam afraid I said one of those words like the carpenter does when behits his thumb with the hammer and asked him what was he trying to do - feed me to the gator? I was a nervous wreck by this time hut managed to get some fairly good pictures. He was lying on the embank- ment on the right, Just beyond the dirt road that goes to Jack- son's Pond from Florala. I guess after everyone left, he must have continued on his way to the pond. I called Frances Chance and had her to contact the game warden to come see about him. There was a big hunk torn from his lip where he nabbed the Jsepandhls mouth was bleeding but Frances said he probably wasn't hurt ~ny worse than if he had been in a fight with another gator. I have an idea that he has a strong dislike for people and will be laying low awaiting re- venge - so you folk better walk softly in the presence of those gators at JacksoniFs Pond. Since getting those pictures, I have heard some wild tales about the galors at Jackson's Pond. Not any of you missing any children, are you? ROSES - to all those of you who have worked so hard on trying to make Florala a more beauttittl place for Christmas shoppers. I don't know where the individual credit should go. I do know that Byron Caw,hen is in charge of the lighting and went to Montgomery and brought back a load of decora- tions, compliments of the City of Montgomery. To them we owe a great big - THANK YOUI The Interact Club boys worked several nights re- working ~e lighted canes. We are gral~aful to them for their efforts. Gayly lit streets and lovely window decorations add so much to the atmosphere and give ones Christmas spirit a boost. I HAD HOPED Gary wouldn't get the '*hunting bug" causing me to have to add the worries of the dangers of hunting to all the other worries that go along with rearing these teenagers. But, I am afraid after being in on the deer hunt with the Franklin boys (Donnie and Dale) FridayiF when they bagged two, his fever will be running high. We have never had any vanison at our house until this week-end. Gary brought all kind of deer meat home and no~ would do but cook some of it rt t emn. As it happen- Lmrry was char-brum hams so he took the hind quarter ct the deer and soaked it in salt water for a couple f hours and put it on the grill with the fresh pork hams and barbequed it. I ate one bite just to say I had eaten some and Gary ate the rest except for a couple of sandwiches eaten by Charles Smith. None of the rest of the family would touch it and we could hardly get the girls to eat the fresh pork ham -they were afraid we were trying to fool them into eating deer. Gary and the boys brought in one of the deer feet and legs and I thought those girls were going to gang whip them. They were so mad at them for kill- ing the deer. Dale told Sherry ',Why you eat beef and pork and they won't even run from you - a deer will run." Gary declares Mrs. Leon Franklin cooks up some of the best ribs 'n rice with deer that he has ever eaten. But then he brags on everything Mrs. Franklin has to eat. He said, "Mama, you ought to try some of her pineapple pie. R is out of this world." THIS PICTURE snapped of Ewin and David Moody during the Little Miss, Junior Miss, and Miss Floraia beauty pageant last Tuesday night expresses the sentiments of the majority of those attending - too long, drawn out, and for the rues, part of the talent competition boring and repulsive. As is always the case, there were exceptions. There certainly needs to be some strict rules and regula- tions set upbefore another Miss Floraia contest is held concern- ing the talent end of the pro- gram. I was really embarrass- ed for out-of-town judges to be subjected to judging some of the imagined talent. Therewere times I didn't think I could sit through the affair to see what the Judges decisiou would be. My sincere congratulations to those of you who emerged winners. And to those of you who didn'tIF keep on smiting. Maybe, next year? One thing for sure -I bet I won't be found guilty of cri- ticizing another city's beauty pageant until some drastic changes are made at home CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Mr. and Mrs. John Ooolsby (Belinda Bargrcm) upon the arrival of a 9 pound 14 ounce bouncing baby boy. He has been named John and made his debut at 6..45 p.m., November $0. Belinda has become a special part of the The Florala News operation in the past several months, in learning how to rate the Juetowritor, our eq)y setting machine. She certainly has been a big help to me and the whole force has thol'ough~ enjoyed havl~ her inthe office. We look forward to her r~rn. THE FLORALA NEWS- THURSDAY, DEC ALL MERCHANDISE DISCOUNTED DURING DIAMONDS I.D. RADIOS BULOVA ELGIN TIMEX SPIDEL. t. CHINA SILVER ON e PURCH . . THAT MEAN OLE GATOR - PERSONALS - Mr. and Mrs. Max RJchburg of University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa spent the holidays with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ganey and Mrs. Vivian Richburg. Mr. and Mrs. Wyman Ausley and sons of Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ward of Gulf Port, Mississippi visited with their mother, Mrs. Easter Ward, during the holiday week- end. Mr. Gary Cox of Anchorage, Alaska is visiting with his mo- ther, Mrs. Mary Cox. Miss Karen Gibson of Troy, University spent the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gibson. John I-~ve and Miss Evelyn Lee of Crestview visited his aunt, Mrs. Vivian Richburg, during the holidays. / MAKE YOUR CASH PURCHASE AND PICK A BALLOON FOR YOUR DISCO SMALL PAPERS WITH DISCOUNT FIGURES RANGING FROM 5% TO 100% ARE PUT IN BALLOONS. THE BALLOONS ARE THEN INFLATED, SECURED WITH A STRING AND TIED TO COUNTERS IN THE STORE. A CASH CUSTOMER MAY PICK ANY BALLOON IN THE STORE. WHAT" EVER FIGURE FOUND WITHIN THE BALLOON AFTER IT IS BURST IS THAT CUSTOMER'S DISCOUNT ON THE ITEM PURCHASED. ON LAY-A-WAYS, A CUSTOMER PAYING OFF THE BALANCE BE" FORE DECEMBER 19 ENTITLES THAT CUSTOMER TO A BALI~OON, LORALA EAST 5th UE EWELRY FLORALA, ALABA FROM THE FILES OF THE FLORALA NE DECEMBER 1920 THE FLORALA SHRINE CLUB met at the Masonic Ball on Nov- ember 30. The following officers were elected to serve for a year: Dr. G. F. Petrey, president, Dr, F. Young, vice president, J. Sam Cohn, Secretary and Dr. A. (3. Williams, Treasurer. The following were elected as a board of control: E. N. LewisiF L S. Lurie, J. T. Hughes, Lee Mathts and Jo J. Johnston. A SAViNGS ACCOUNT FOR A CHRISTMAS PRESENT: Suppose you put a V to your son's credit in this bank with an understanding that he is to add to it as he is able? What could be a more appro- prlate Presefit? What could be of more lasting value to him in the years to come? If he is carefully encouraged to add to his nest egg it will cultivate in him a disposition to save and accumulate that will prove a blessing throughout his entire life. Give the boy a chance -- and the best chance you can give him is a saving disposition. He won't fritter it away as he will other things. The Bank of F1orala, Florala's Gibraltar. (It still is). DECEMBER 1945 WILDCATS END *45 SEASON with 9-6 victory over DeFuniak. The Florala-Lockhari Rotary Club and the Florala Quarterback Club joined in sending the team to the annual Blue-Gray classic to be held in Montgomery on December 29th. MAJOR FERRELL BURGESS returned home last week after being released from the Army at Ft. McPherson, Ca., on Nov- ember 28, after more than four years in the service. JOHN CECIL EVANS, C. Ph. M. of the U. S. Naval Group #675 was discharged November 30, at the U. S. Naval Personnel Sep- aration Center in New Orleans, La. SEASONS GREETINGS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS, WHY NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH an ora THIS BANK HAS FAITHFULLY SERVED THE COMMUNITY FOR SIXTY-SIX YEARS AS SAFE AS THE PAST AND AS MODERN AT THE FUTURE - MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. - .,