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December 21, 1972     The Florala News
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December 21, 1972

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INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. NEWS - THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1972 # # J:~ to the world.., the Lord has come! May the spirit love and understanding the Christ Child inspires each Christmas remain in our hearts in days to come.., leading us ever closer to the realization of peace on earth... good will toward men. Merry Christmas, everyone.* @ 4 WALLACE B. SMITH !: >r !!!!:!i There's no happier time Christmas, because it's a time for sharing all the happiness we feel with those we care'about most. That's why we'd like to share our joy with you, wishing you a Merry Christmas and saying "Thank You." LOIS AND OLENE STAGGERS ---a retail |nerchant -- it young father - ~t church org~misl Pe,,ph. thl.h they .r,, rHehroti.~ .. hL~t.rir.I ,,re.t. Ilut IhPy r,'oHy or,*ll'L yolt /f/lOll', ~11, ~lle ien~lr.~ IhP e.v*tcl doli" o/ JeSll.~" birth. Th," primitire rhurrh did.'l ~,rP. r.h,l,r.le {,hristm..~. I"rentu.lly the rhur~'h seltle;I o. D~,,.,'mher 2;;th as a ...r to h.pli=e ml .Iremly p,,pul.r, p.g.. holid.y t. re[ehrot,. Ih*" /.rl Ihol IhP deplh o/ .'int,.r .'as orer tm,I Ih; *hos .','re l~,'lli.~ hmger a-.i.. .- a historian N,m~,, ../ u,~ ~et h,.,'e. ,%,.vt (.hrL~tm,t.~ I'll ht, h.,.e. I hol,,'. I1".~ . lime whet* ,,rPrvhody ,~h..hl I.. hot... -- 1.1 scr~, idCIl]:_lll ovcr~Cil~ I ll,'t tir,.d. The' kids .re on rm',tli,,tt. I . th..s..d ..d ,me thi.~s to d,, -- 500 ,'.rds to .thlre,~s. . halJ.doze, p.rti,,s to ~o Io. l~i/ts /or the Htihlre. ..d II,,h. ,t , parly /or I|oh'x I,..~s ..:1 his .~.o,,ty .'i],,. ~et th,. Ire,. att,I deeorote it. --;I suburban housewife People at Christmas time ;ire kind of funny, kind of sad. kind of h)neson]c. Some ;.fie really happy no n|atter wh;.it reasons. Are these people really facing up Io whal Christmas IS really all about? I wonder. I have it copy of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible on my desk, an,I so I opened it and began to look through it, remembering what these people had said about Christmas. Here arc some of the passages I found. I found an expression of the wonder and ht]nfility of ;.i mother expecting her first child, but a child unlike others: And Mary said, "'~$ly ,~oul ,..g.iji,'s the Lord .t,d my spirit rejoh'es i. I;o:l my N.ri,,r. /or he hot re~or~lo,i the I,.r ,.~ale ..j his h,m4#.oid,... For hehohl, h,..t',,/.rth all ~en,,roti.ns .'ill roll me hl,,s.~ed; For he .'ho is n, il~hty hot done I~r,,.t thin~ /or me. oetd h,ly is his riO,tie" .'" (Luke I :.lh-.lO) I found the simple, lllOVillg story of ('hri~rs birth: "'.-I,,d Joseph .1.,, ,,'e.t .p Jr.,. G,tlih','. Jrom the ,'ity" o/ .~.z.- rPth. to Jude.. to the ,'ity o/ D.rid. .'hh'h is .ailed Hethlehem. he,.attse h,. ;,'as ,,/th,. ho.s,, o.d li...t~. ,,/ I).ri,I. t,, h,, e.rt,lh,d with Mary. his h.troth,,d. ,h. ..,,s ,rith rhihl. -I,,d while they" /,'ere ther,', the time ,',tilt./.r h,,r t,, ht, dt.lir*.re,I. -its,/ she g,tr,. hirlh to her Jirstlhor. st,it ttttd t,'r,tpped hit,; it, s.'t;:l,llittll ,.Iothes ,tt, d I,id hi,t, it, . ttlOlt~,'r, ht.,'oets ; ths.rt" .',ts m, root,, /or then; it, the ittt,.'" (/.uk," 2:4-7) Anti l'Lirthcr Oll I I'oulld tile joyous nle,,sage o1 tile ;inglx to Ihe shepherds on the hillside oulHdc I.tethlehe|u' "'... I I, ri.~ y'o. ~,,,,:1 t,,,.'~ ,,/ ~r,',,t j,,y .'hi,'h .':11 rot,,,, t,, t,II p,; /or to ?oft is I.,r,t this doy . . . ( .~ttrlssr. ,r/to is t.hrist tit,. L,,rd.'" (I.,, k,, 2 : I I- 12 ) But perllap~,, niost hllptUtallt of all. I Itmlld the ,,tOl'\. ol ('hrist's life. a life which changed the hislor~,, o1 the world and o1 the rehuionshil+s bet+~een men. Hc said: "'llh,s*ed *re yott poor. ]lsr yottr.~ i.~ tit,. Iin~dot,; o/ God." "',,d fir," y~stt th,t htttl~*'r tlolr, jtsr yore sl,,ll h,' s.tisJi*.d.'" "'lll,,ss,,:l ,r,. yi,tt that ere,'/, ,toW. /*,r ptttt ,boll {allah.'" "'llh.ssr.I 11,'~' y'{,l, If'hi'el till'It h.te yol,. told Irh,.tl th,,y ,,.vrlu,h. y'iltt It,It] rt,rih, you. ,ttttl ra~t stilt ye,llr tl(ltltt" 0 ; e,';I slil ,tet'~tltttt I,/ th,..'~,,tt ./ t.a. : H:'i,,M. i. th.t d,,y..,,d !e.t, /or ).y. h,r I,~.- In keeping with the spirit of the season, may we extend the very best of the Christmas holiday to all.., also, our thanks for everything. cott hers ROGER & MYRTLE SUE PRESCOTT - OWNERS PHONE 8-0365 FOR PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE im PAGE 7B And further on: "'/.,,re your ,.ttPt, tie,s. ,h, ~ood to tho.~,, ,'It, hat,. yott. hh,ss tl.,gt. who r,trse ?',,It. pr.y ]or th,,.~t, who ,th,tst. ? ott. J'o him trho stril~t.s ?Olt otl th. Hte,.k. ,,]l,'," the" ,,her ,,I.w~ . . .'" (I..e 6:27.2tl) For the message of Chr/slmas is no! just Ihe fanfiliar an J, beautiful stor\ of the birth of ('hrb, t and of its mcanin~ for mankind. Chfi~,tnuls is the tinu: ~hun we remember the prom- ise fulfilled by the Man ~ho ~as born on Chrismu]s. The people I ha~c quoted- people not unlike many of us-- have forgotten the true ,,let.,fling of C'hristnlas bc'auxc they have t'orgotlen the I,r,,nH.,,, of Christmas. The truth of Christmas and the renc~val of our bcl/cf in the real messuge of ('hristnu~s lies both in ovr understanding of the simple and at the y, iIlllC tillIC ave,sonic fad of Christ's birth and ill OLlr rali/atitm of the intimate ;rod ill, It, edit.lie Way the fulfilled life of ('hri,,! touched and touches our lives Ct,ris+mos Day-Two Dates In History 11 was on ('hlq>tlllaY, I)ax ill the xt.'ar 1;4(; Ih41 lht, truculeifl and uat)al)le Peter ~luyves;IIlt, \vi{h a fife] Of i~our |iltlt' ships, sailed for the tleW urnhi to I)e('Ol)/e di- 1'('('101" ~oll('ral of NOW Amster- (,;i,ll, The lllll ~ l'Ot.l ~h voyage ('~1111u IH ;111 ('rid lhc following "qa) On ('hristmas Day in 1776, Washington crossed the Dela- ware December 23, 1783 he stood before congress at Annapolis and resigned his commission as c0m- mander-mchief of the American army. l{e arrived at Mount Vel+n- 011 011 (~hl'iStlllas Eve, and lhe next day Was possibly the hap+ p[('sl one in his lon~ and busy life p+ + +,+ C. B. McNEILL OIL COMPANY YOUR PHILLIPS 66 JOBBER - x x t Here's wishing you and yours all the long.lasting happiness of an old-fashioned Christmas. We deep- ly value your continued patronage .,. and friendly good will. To everyone, a heartfelt thank you, JAMES AND BETTY DENNEY LYNN & JIMMY