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December 23, 1976     The Florala News
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December 23, 1976

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED• ALL RIGHTS RESERVED• USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. Page 6 Get The Factsr. by Jean Shearer, Associate Director South Central Ala- bama Regional Council on Alcoholism In last week's article pre- occupation with drinking was discussed as an early warning signal of alcoholism. Following is a list of seven other early symptoms of alcoholic-type drinking that should be looked for in the suspected alcoholic. The list is taken from an article by Dr. Richard O. Heilman, called "Early Recognition of Alcoholism." social drinker and remain remarkably efficient mentally and physically. Most alcohol dependent persons interpret this ability as a sign of special health of some kind. Needless to say, nothing could be Dr. Heilman emphasizes further from the truth. that the presence of as many 2. Gulping Drinks. The as four of these symptoms alcohol dependent person reveals a drinking pattern that usually orders a double is not predominantly social martini, a double Manhattan. drinking. He also emphasizes a double shot and a beer, etc., that there are other early because his primary intention warning signals but that these in drinking is usually to "'get listed form a pattern of high." "Getting high" is the drinking that is characteristic goal of any alcoholic and is the of all alcoholics, first experience that he 1. Increased Tolerance. It becomes "hooked on." has been substantiated by 3. Drinks Alone. Soci- research that the young ability is not the important alcoholic is able to drink factor in the alcoholic's considerably more than a drinking. He will drink at home when no one else is drinking. He will stop in a bar and drink by himself under the guise of social drinking because there are other people around. 4. Use as a Medicine. Once the alcoholic recognizes the exceptionally rewarding effects of alcohol, he often thinks of it as a kind of cure-all. He will use it as a tranquilizer for tension or anxiety or sometimes as a nightcap to help him get to sleep. It is often times his first thought when he is suffering disagreeable physical symp- toms tot whatever causes, in other words, he drinks "to calm his nerves" or "because hc's depressed." 5. Blackout. Sometimes. Each year at Christmas, the sacred story of the first Holy Night lives anew. Now may the Miracle the morning after drinking the alcoholic has difficulty recal- ling some of the events of the previous evening. He may wake up and not be able to recall how or when he got home or he may not be able to recall clearly some of the later events of the previous evening. 6. Protecting the Supply. Sometimes the alcoholic feels more comfortable if he knows that alcohol is available in the event he may need a drink for a "pick-me-up" or "calmer." This preoccupation with hav- ing a sufficient supply leads in man,,' cases to hiding liquor. 7. Nonpremedltated Use. The alcoholic often drinks more than he planned or knows he should drink or simply starts drinking without even thinking about it. His drinking is often different from what he would like it to be: at times he drinks until he's dead drunk: at times he neglects to eat:at times he neglects his family. Anyone who responds positively to the question, "Is your drinking ever different from what you would like it to be?" is most probably alcoholic. Dr. Heilman goes on to say that if a person has four or more of the eight symptoms he listed (including preoccupation with drinking discussed last week), there is no question that he is alcoholic, because they reflect a predominantly nonsocial use of alcohol, the aim of which is to "get high." Once a person has a drinking pattern as listed above, he will not be able successfully to alter or change the pattern, no matter how or what he tries. His only recourse is total abstinence, for if he continues of Bethlehem bestow its blessings upon each of us. to drink, the consequences he will encounter physically, Bountiful thanks to our customers for your many favors, psychologically, socially, mari- tally, economically, vocatio- nally are clearly predictable H T Mathis Tire Company andusuallydisastrous. • • For further information or confidential assistance with alcohol problems, contact the South Central Alabama Re- gional Council on Alcoholism. " .................. I P.O. Box 1053, Andalusia, Alabama 36420. Phone 222-4955. Garden Club ii Meets A t ub CI House by Vera Whiddon In spite of the fact that they ~:t ..... ~::~i: i~ay have been frost-bitten by ...... venturing out in such weather as prevailed Thursday, the members of the club met with" ...... Mrs. Alice Flournoy and Mrs. Alberta Gamble at the Club House at 3 o'clock for their : ~:!:'3: ........ regular meeting. Upon arrival, the guests %:' were served refreshments of %: congealed salad, sandwiches. ..... Christmas tree ornaments that ....... i:=ii::,:ii[~%~i:::~:~. ~ were eatable, all in Christmas .:,:,: .=:~. colors.In keeping with Christ's birthday, We ~::ii::iii:: celebrated members birthdays ] iii!~-!iii i!i ii~TilJ from July I through December 31 in the form of miniature : :::i::~:~i:!!::i::il;iiii~. ,~i:::: "gag" gifts under the ............. • ~iiii{iiiii[i ,i:;::~;:~z ::..: 3:~, ".~: traditional Christmas tree in ~iiiii:.::iiii .... . ...... ~. :: the foyer where each one ..... iiiiii!!!!iiill= : :;!::~i!~:.::i :: :i: ::!!ii. having a birthday, picked up a iiii:!ili :~!ii:::!ilili gift before going into the main % :: ,::: . :/::i:: :~: : ~'=::: : .... auditorium. ::i: ~:~ :" ~ • :: " ....... ::~:=:'i The gavel was soon sounded by the President and Mrs. ...... Charlie Welch opened the club meeting with an impressive prayer. Historian, Mrs. Vassie Kimbril, was called to the desk .... and presented our Garden of .... : : Memories, which is an honor .....: :::+! roll of departed members; :i:: :;! ~ their name is inscribed • ": :~: .... : .~[~ thereon with a gold star, and 3:3 :::~ w~r to the East, a plenty of space has been left : ........... Star shone, and on that fOrmaythejoinadditiOnmembersOf anYalreadythat : : first Christmas Eve, past, in the future. Thus being • a record of all of those when tts radiance beckoned the they go to I?e with the Lord, :7 Magt to the Miracle keeping in our memory those -- who meant so much to the of the Manger, there to Florala Garden Club. The Club of Distinction Award which worship and rejoice was given to us at the District Meeting for outstanding in the meaning of Hls accomplishments during the message..."On earth year 1975-76, was also presented to the Historian, as peace, good will toward part of the history of our club. men." Wherever the wonder Both of these items were hung on the walls of the Club House of Christmas shines today, for future reference and safe keeping. may it hearten and inspire us, Roll call and reading of the minutes of the previous and may it light the way meeting, were approved as aJ~o'" everlasting,"="~"~ read, followed by reports to and peace from the Standing Committee Chairmen. The most • outstanding of these reports was one from our Librarian, IJl., who had planted a bed of ,_~ tuplips at the Library and stated that she would furnish arrangements to the Library to tie in with greetings of the season from our Florala Garden Club. This, as a ............ ~ , , voluntary gesture, was eom- The Florala News - Thursday, December 23, mendable in our Librarian, Mrs. Mildred Kendrick. She also demonstrated the making of poinsettias which was enjoyed by all present. Petals were offered each one who would go by her florist and pick them up. It was voted to make a donation to tile Rescue Squad for much needed equipment and a committee was appoint- e,d to look into this and report back at next meeting, A new member. Mrs. Sybil Mickler. was recognized and assured of what it meant to have her associated with us and to help with the work we do to make a good Garden Club. With her reputation as a worker as Cotmcilwoman in the city government, we feel so happy to have her and stand willing to help her as she will help us. Since it is time of the year fl~r nominations of a new slate of officers, a committee was appointed to meet. select them and report back at the next meeting. Anothcr committec was appointed to beautify the grounds of the Senior Citizcns Headquarters who will soon have a lot to brag about as well as a lot of bragging from our entire club. This beautification of Senior Citizens Headquarters is badly needed. Santa Claus was waiting to distribute gifts of potted plants in exchange with the different members present, followed bv the program given by Mrs, Myra Nell Mickelson. At this time. the meeting was adjourned to meet again January 13. 1977. with Mrs. Mac Welch and Mrs. Louis Mathews as hostesses. From The Desk Of The Florala Garden Club President A spiritual awakening in the birth of our Lord and Saviour is just around the corner for all of us - December 25. To be able to celebrate this happy occasion, our club bows down in reverence. We all rejoice that we have had our sins washed away with his cruel death on Calvary, and we should all live with that eternal love in our heart for the Saviour who paid it all, and if there is any ill feeling in our hearts for anyone, now is the time to forgive. Forgiveness is part of the basic law of love. Always it costs, but whatever the cost, it is supremely worth doing, so through the Christ in us, let us anyone who seemed to wronged us and join in a glad and Christmas. Until later... Vera. Farmer's Seed and a very to all our loyal friends. Store ...... Reverently, prayerfully we celebrate the birthday of the holy Child. May this truly be for you a blessed Christmas. \ • _,.~'- ,, ....... ~..1~"~