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December 30, 1976     The Florala News
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December 30, 1976

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IMAGE ©SMALLTOWNPAPERS, INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. USE SUBJECT TO LICENSE AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. PAGE 4 • ! THE FLORALA NEWS-THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30, / to protect the patient from Ne Of 1 centerline described as fol- thence run S. 68 degrees 20' questioned and or American unnecessary irradiation to ~/VS nterest lows: commencing where the W. for a distanceof65 feet to a accomodate or meet the Cancer Society~ those parts of the body not .. South right of way line of point on the Southwest line of of a changing Alobomo Division requiring treatment. Lead blocks are used to "shape" Washington Avenue intersects said Lot 1 and the point of The answer to right~ Comprehensive Cancer the area treated, so that small Continued From Front with the East right of way line ending; said strip of land lying wrong, by and large, doe of Jackson Street and run in and being a part of Lot 1, change, a seventh gl Center areas not requiring treatment University o[ A[obomo also will be shielded, looking for Mum, Sherry and the cat when the nurses caught him. North for a distance of 105 Block 74, of the Hughesknows that. So man haslt Radiation patients should Saturday night he had such a miserable night that Dr. Williams told feet; thence run N. 53 degrees Addition to the City of Florala, more answers to c~ in 8irmingh o m continue normal activities as us to bring him on hone where the surroundings and faces were 27' E. for a distance of 130 feet Alabama. people and CamaflogUe much as possible, but familiar and he thought he would get along better, to the West line of Leona Lee A strip of land extending 15 means toward and un~ property, and the point of feet on each side of a Ious end. Man has the nl Radiation therapy is the use meat. This requires a adequate diet and ordinaryHe has been so happy to get in his bed, we can't get him to wake beginning; thence continue N. centerline described as fol- to bushwhack these ] of high-energy )(-rays and thorough physical examina- rest is important, up long enough to eat and take his medicine. Mum keeps going to electrons derived from cobalt tion, a review of previous his room and checking his pulse to be sure that he is still with us. 53 degrees 27 E. for a lows: commencing at a point articles, but can't do ! distanceof45 feet ton point on on the centerline of the from a frontal or open as~ and other radiation sources in hospital records, X-rays and About Your Larry says heis "tough". He has suffered a heart attack and this the North line of Leona Lee Louisville and Nashville Rail- Hope to continue. 1 the treatment of cancer, pathology slides and may is his third stroke. So, we feel confident that he is going to lick this Because there are many types require additional special one too. At age 84, he is a real fighter. He is so independent that he property and the point of road, said point being 3,918 I ending. Said strip of land lying feet North of Milepost #618, Dan McLeod j of cancer with many reactions, examinations. SOC ial doesn't want any of us to help him. We hope his recovery will be in and being a part of NW% of and run North 54 degrees 34' methods of treatment vary. Radiation affects both can- swift. P.O. Box 103 ! Radiation therapy is extremely cer and normal cells, there- Security NE'/,, Section 34, T1N, R17E, West for a,distance of 370.4 Lockhart, Alab1 versatile and can be used fore, before treatment the CHRISTMAS SADDENED BY SO MUCH ILLNESS and also a part of Lot 12, Block feet; thence run North 80 alone, with surgery, with cancer must be accuratelySocial welfare expenditures IDON'T KNOW HOW MANY of our local citizens were at Florala 7, of the unrecorded Manning degrees 51' West for a P.S. The swiftest a~. Addition to the City of Florala, distance of 322.5 feet; thence don't always win. l~ chemotherpay (drugs), or located in relation to normal under public programs increa- Memorial during Christmas, but from the looks of things, we are Alabama. both. It may be used in an body structures. Since" many sed to $331 billion in fiscal keeping the Opp hospital up. run North56 degrees 24' West Pinky can de-rail the] attempt to cure cancer or cancers are deep inside the 1976. This was a one-year When we entered the emergency room, Fiannie Fleming was A strip of land extending 15 for a distance of 374 feet; from A to Z. _~ merely to relieve symptoms, body their distance from the dollar increase of almost $45 brought in for the third time in recent weeks suffering with those feet on each side of a thence run North 5 degrees 44' When radiation is required a outside of the body i~ found billion, the second largest in excruciating kidney stones. I didn't see her any more after that so centerline described as fol- East for a distance of 271.7 12-YJ lows: commencing at thefeet to the point of beginning; physician will refer the patient and marked. This may involve history, and a rate of increase don't know how long she had to stay. Hope she got home for Northwest corner of Lot lS, thence run N. 51 degrees 35' to a radiation therapist. The taking a number of X-ray films of 15.7 percent over 1975 Christmas. radiation therapist is a cancer of the cancerous area with a spending. BOTH MR. AND MRS. RUSSELL HAYES were hospitalized at Block 74, of the HughesWest for a distance of 370 feet specialist who has extensive special X-ray unit. The figures were reported in Mizell Memorial in Opp suffering with heart problems. Mr. Hayes Addition to the City of Fiorala, to the point of ending. Said CARD OF THA training in the use of radiation Complex calculations de- a research and statistics note was being rushed to the hospital by Tri-City Rescue Squad on the Alabama, as recorded in Plat strip of land lying in and being for treatment of human termine the best method of published by the Socialverge of a heart attack when his heart rhythm was so badly out of Book 1, Page 1, Probatea part of SW% of SE%, SE% We wish to thank all cancers. The therapist is well delivering the amount of Security Administration's Of- control. Enroute, the ambulance ran into a deer, wrecking the Records Office of Covington of SW% and NE% of SW%, friends and relatives f0tt informed about the natural radiation that is required. To rice of Research and Statistics. ambulance and Mrs. Hayes, who was following the ambulance, was County, Alabama, and run all in Section 34, T1N, R17E. help and thoughtfulness~ history of cancer, about what aid in planning, an outline of Even after allowing forso emotionally distressed by the time they reached the hospital it south along the west line of This Court has appointedwe lost our home happens to patients with the part of the body to be inflation, the 1976 Social was necessary to hospitalize her, also. When her electrocardiogram said Lot 1S, Block 74, for a the 18th day of January, 1977, belongings in a recent cancer, has special knowledge treated often is made using Welfare expenditures rose in was run, it indicated that she was in worse shape than her husband, distance of 201.7 feet to the at 9 o'clock a.m. to hear said fire. | in the evaluation of cancer either a lead wire, a ribbon of constant dollars by 8.3 percent They both returned home Sunday. point of beginning; thence run petition and you may appear May God bless each patients and the use of all plastic or ultrasound. In some in 1976. The ambulance had been totaled. N. 78 degrees 40' E. for a and contest it if you so desire, you for your deeds radiation sources, instances, devices of plaster of As in 1975, two major BOB AND SHIRLEY HARRISON came home for Christmas to distance of 102 feet to a point Dated this 21st dayof kindness. Since each patient is paris or plastic may befactors in the high rate of find both their mothers had been hospitalized. Shirley's mother, on the east line of Lot 14, Block December. 1976. Mrs. T. B. Holley, was at Mizell Memorial suffering with a heart 74 of the aforementioned The fat~[ different, a thorough under- required to hold the patient increase were the continued condition and Bob's mother, Mrs. Leroy (Bessie) Harrison was Hughes Addition and the point Leland Enzor, LeroyGeog~l standing of the problem is still during treatment. When efforts of the government to hospitalized with a broken leg.. Mrs. Holley was released long of ending. Said strip of land Judge of Probate 12-3t~ required for optimum treat- the exact area to be treated is cope with the 1974-75 enough to have Christmas dinner with her daughter and family, Mr. lying in and being a part Of markeddetermined'with athe redSkin dye,may beor tion.recessi°nBenefitsand continuingfor the needyinfla" and Mrs. Jack Goolsby. She was able to return home after the Lots 14 and 15, Block 74, of the12-3-3tc U~imAnlIn In£111 n¢l dinner, since her daughter, Mrs. Evelyn Brooks of Mobile, could be aforementioned Hughes Ad- perhaps a few smallink tatoos, and unemployed expandedwith her this week. dition to the City of Florala, ~4 ~ l~'"'~ ~ ..... ' ~ {r L % J The treatment can be as while higher prices triggered Bessie was in a, cast from her hips down and the family was Alabama. CARD OF THAI I short as one day, five days. or cost-of-living adjustments in hoping she wouldn t have to have surgery. She had an appointment A strip of land extending 15 HELLO FRIENDS ~I/E,D. "7"H,¢// 7Z/Lc.5". several months. The number cash benefits and added to the feeton eachside of a with Dale Zorn in Pensacola Tuesday to see whether or not surgery and frequency of treatments cost of providing social welfare • DCqS.~'~'~/'3"gN, I.:~-,Y-6t-,,$" [ The Pastor and membe! ~.~ " ~'"~.~ji~ I depends upon the radiothera- services, would be necessary. If not, she will be hospitalized at Florala centerline described as fol- & CITIZENS the Clear Springs 13~ ;~ i*" ; ~ pist's decision based upon the Cash transfer payments to Memor!al untilsheis abletoget about on crutches or awalker. "Big lows: commencing at the Church wish to expreSS ~t Daddy (Leroy) is lost without her. Bessie has babied Northeast corner of Lot 1, What's happening? And appreciation to each of '~'..,~!~ individual patient's problems, individuals under all types of whole family, including her husband, always the Block 74, of the Hugheswhat s new? It's a big question who so generously she ~-/ ~4~ Radiation therapy is recom- income-maintenance pro- ON CHRISTMAS NIGHT, Ronnie and Renee Gamble were Addition to the City of FIorala, and no one man hardly has all your friendship to us d~ • ~ inmendedthose bYcircumstancesthe therapiStwhereOnly highergrams inWere1976 thinS22"5 in billion1975, attending their grandmothers who had adjoining rooms at Mizell Alabama, as recorded in Plat the legal, financial, ethical etc. 1976, with visits, prayets~ Memorial. Renee was assisting her grandmother with supper, Mrs. the patient will benefit from Social security accounted for ~,'~~~L/ I Book 1, Page 1, Probateanswers. From what you hear gifts. '4' L ..... ' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *~L ~ '~ ~ ~ '~ ~ P~ ~ the treatment. Patients ar~ not $8.9 billion of this increase, Helen Grant of Lockhart and Ronnie and his mother, Mrs. Tom Records Office of Covington and read men contradict eachMay the New Year I~ .~ ...... ~o, made radioactive by external unemployment insurance for Gamble. was getting their mother and grandmother, Mrs. Bobble County, Alabama, and run in a other, even themselves. Check your health, joy peace :~lWl~l ,,~l~h, ;,,,In ~ G. Sightler, up long enough for her to eat supper. Mrs. Sightler has Southeasterly direction along it out. Like; what was right happiness. radiation treatment. $5.6 billion, and public a half dozen or more daughters around town, two of which are our the Northeast line of said Lot financially, legally, ethically We extend our handsi~ h~ts~,fi*,,C~,;:,t,, '.~;,~l~"'i'",!m,~,s~,~h~"~*~l;~l,[hl*l~* HH~,I / For those treated with a assistance and supplemental neighbors, Jean JonesandBarbaraWatson. Mrs. Sightler lives in a 1, and along the Southwest etc. yesterday is supposedly clasp of friendship, radioactive implant, such security income for $1.9 material is usually implanted billion. In the health field, trailer between the two girls. We sure do miss her doodling in the right of way line of Eighth wrong or outdated today and welcome each of yo~ under anesthesia and removed Medicare expenditures rose by yard. She loves pretty flowers and as long as she was able, there Avenue for a distance of 80 so tomorrow right or wrong worship with us in 1977, after a period usually of from $3 billion, and Medicaid by was something blooming nearly all the time in her yard. She is a feet to the point of beginning; will have to be constantly F~/.$,q~'.~'~¢~/(.~. ~T~q~./- 7 ] one to six days. Patients, who $2.3 billion, very loving and sweet person. ." ]~U~/.[ F~TDR£ "" have radium or other radio- Until 1965, State and local MRS. LAURA JOHNSON of Florala was also in the hospital ~~~t active implants, do have governments were the main suffering from a heart attack. She,was better the last time l was ~O[~ radiation in their body until source of social welfare funds, talking to one of her sons, but I don t know if she got to come home the material is removed, supplying SS percent in 1950 for Christmas. I doubt it. ~AL.E During this time. the patient and S1 percent in 1965.SO SORRY TO HEAR that Brother Smith was hospitalized on Monday of this week. Sure hope that the rest and good care given at 2 BEDROOM DWELLING on • n~ " G~/~/I//~W~ g will be kept in an isolated room Starting with 1966, however, Florala Memorial will be just what he needs for a speedy recovery. 100' X 200' lot. Exeellant [ aoo,~rza ('[ ru, o,,,~,,~ I and visitors will be limited as the Federal Government [, oac, av~ O[ ~,,~h~,7~..__. [ to the number and the time began to furnish more than FINALLY -- The community was absolutely stunned to hear of the condition. ..... -,,, i,.~-, uw-,~ -- they may visit the patient, half the funds and, in 1976, death of George Hart Tuesday morning. . Many ~tum~ are ~ provided 59.9 percent.Just a week or so ago, Billy McDaniei said he was visiting in their 2 ADJOINING VACANT LOTS An important factor in this place of business and Edith Lurie said to him - "George, why don't MARTIN THEATRE on Washington Avenue. 50' X you do something sometimes besides work?" His reply was -- "I am 150' each. THE IS Inventory Our Big Annual Pre-lnventory Sale Is tarting All Brands Are Being Marked Down !!! We would rather sell it than count it! P" CAROUSEL TWINCINEMA BARNES ST. OPP, ALA. 1 BIG WEEK WED. THRU TUE. DEC. 29 -JAN. 4 MON. THRU THUR. ONE SHOW EACH NITE AT 7:15 FRI. & SAT. SHOWS AT 7:00 & 8:45 SUNDAY SHOW AT 8:00 "CAR WASH':._ .where, between the hours of 9 and 5 anything can happen... and usually does! A UNIVERSAL PICTURE TECHNICOLOR~ DIXIELAND DRIVE-IN HWY. 84 E. • OPP, ALA. FRI. SAT. SUN DEC. 31, JAN. 1-2 OPEN AT 6:15 START AT 6:45 TICKET OFFICE OPEN TILL 8:30 EACH FEATURE SHOWN 1 TIME EACH NITE COLUMBIA PICTURES presents V iulie PLUS warren beatt christie, goldie hawn increase has been the growing role of •the Federal Govern- ment in providing health services. Through 1965, when Medicare was enacted, it was financing less than half the public bill for health; by 1976, however, the Federal share was more than two-thirds. The rise in Federal spending for social welfare is reflected in its relationship with total Federal spending. In 1950, the Federal Government devoted 26 percent of its budget to social welfare. This figure reached 33 percent by 1965 and 56 percent in 1976. A meeting to outline mental health programs and funding needs and to discuss the services available to people in the South Central Mental Health catchment area, which includes Butler, Coffee, Cov- ington and Crenshaw counties, will be held Wednesday, January 5, at 7 p.m., at the Lurleen B. Wallace Junior College in Andalusia. Representatives of the State Mental Health Department will meet with public officials, co/~munity mental health board members, mental health advocacy groups, business and community leaders and other concerned citizens from the four counties. "Public awareness and support are essential for a successful mental health system and I encourage anyone who has an interest in mental health to attend the meeting," Mental Health Commissioner Taylor Hardin said. * * * * * @ * * happiest when I am at work. I would just as soon go right there as any place." That is how he went. He had come to work at The Bank of Florala Tuesday morning and was laughing and talking with employees and customers when he collapsed with a massive coronary, All efforts to revive him failed. Dr. W. D. Potter pronounced him dead soon after arrival at Florala Memorial Hospital. To know George Hart was to love him. Anyone who didn't love him just didn't know him. He was faithful to his church, his family and to his job at The Bank of Florala where he was entering his 51st year of service. I don't remember ever seeing this fine man without a smile on his face. I am sure he had problems just like the rest of us, but he never depressed others with his problems. In fact, if you had a problem or was worried about something, a visit with George would most likely make you forget your troubles and get happy. He could tell some funny stories. He was a proud man and for good reason -- I never heard an unkind word spoke of him. We pray God's blessings upon his wife, Louise and sons, Tom and Don. His presence will be sorely missed in this community. FLORALA JEWELRY STORE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS As if we didn't have enough bad news, we learn this week that The Florala Jewelry Store, one of the old establishments of this city, is going out of business. In checking with former owner, Dr. James Denney, he tells us that a Mr. Beasley established The Florala Jewelry Store in 1925. James dad, L. D. Denney and Marvin Wadsworth bought it in 1928 and had a flourishing business for many, many years. After their deaths, James and Betty Denney ran it for a while and sold to Kenneth Brooks of DeFuniak Springs, Florida, in December of 1973. Not having a jewelry store in town will certain!y be an inconvenience to a lot of us. 1 am sorry Brooks did not meet with more success. It seems to me that someone with a lot of "get up and go" could be successful. Denney and Wadsworth sure didn't have any problems. Mr. Denney was a George Hart type. He was full of good jokes and you never left his place of business without a smile on your face. I can remember Larry's dad, The Florala News Editor Ben Woodham, use to visit Mr. Denney quite often, especially if he was the least bit depressed. Denney was a sure cure. I asked James if he had any prospects to fill the building and he said he hadn't had time to look for anyone. He just learned Brooks was moving, also. i i i 1 Household Hints @ * @ • * * * . , Extension home economists say before discarding an old mattress pad, cut out the good parts. Use them when making pot holders. * * * * * @ * • Man-made fibers and Cover your cookbooks with blends inknitted clothing have plastic and use a sheet of a tendency to pill. Extension plastic over the open pages to clothing specialists say it helps protect them from ingredients to wash and dry these items spills and splashes. Both can wrong side out. be wiped with a sudsy sponge. NOTICE OF. CONDEMNATION TO: Leona Lee, Peggy Savage Aceves, the heirs of Amanda Daniels, c/o Eulah C. Johnson Herron, Susie Mae Porter, all persons who may be heirs, devisees, successors or assigns of these named persons; all persons, firms or corporations who have any interest in or claim against the lands hereinafter described: Take notice that on December 3, 1976, a petition was filed in the Probate Court of Covington County, by the Water Works and Sewer Board of the City of Florala, Alabama, to condemn for certain purposes the following lands: A strip of land extending 15 feet on each side of a ¾ ACRE ON SOUTH NINTH STREET. Near high school. EQUITY SALE: 2 bedroom dwelling. Pay equity and assume very small monthly payment. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY ESTATE. 76 acres, 2200 sq. ft. brick dwelling. Central heat and air, fully carpeted with all the built-in modern conven- Iences. 4 BEDROOM, 2% baths, on 4 lots. Needs minor repairs, but is priced to sell. 2% LOTS IN OLD FLORALA 125'X180. Nice comer lots. 2 LOTS ON CORNER OF North 8th Avenue aad West 9th Street. GOOD INCOME PROPERTY. Apartment house with 4 furnishod apartments three blocks from downtown. Rea- sonably priced. OFFICE BUILDING ON THE SQUARE. Carpeted. 2 roomy offices with Lobby and Receptionist area. Has been remodeled and in excellent condition. CONCRETE BLOCK BUILD- ING with 3 lots. Two blocks from the Square. BRICK BUILDING an lVlaln Street. Ideal for small office. STORE BUILDING on West Sth Avenue. Cash or trains. THRIVING BUSINESS FOR SALE. Grocery Store with 3 bedroom dwelling on 2 acres. Ideal for family busin~m. WE NEED SMALL ACREAGE WITH OR WITHOUT DWELLING. ROYCE & COMPANY Florala, Alabm 858-6522 or 858-3783 M.n~. LndIIe S. Cox Realtor FOR SALE: 3 bedroom, 2 S200.00 WEEKLY- full baths, ideal home. envelopes• Already Located in one of the nicest and addressed. Free neighborhoods in Florala. FOR Send self-addressed. envelope to: SALE: small mercantile build- 1206 CAMDEN ing on North Fifth Street. For more information contact, RICHMOND, VIRGI JOHNSON REAL ESTATE at 23229. 858-3271 or 858-3773. 12-2Y FOR SALE: Gas heaters, air conditioners, T.V. tower (blown down), and largeFOR SALE: in out-building. Call 858-3533. bedroom, one bath, cor~t LOE'ITE POTrER. 16 Ala-frame house. Home and bama Street. Tower - $25.00. additional lots. Former 12-30-1tpd of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. 1959 West 5th FIorala. Call for Mr. H. O. Bass, Jt, 858-3418. HAN-D-DANS has just completed one year of business. We hope you will continue to shop with us in our second year of business. We DO appreciate the business that you have given us. All Cokes, Sprite, Tab, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper is still on special -- 20 cents each. We also will buy your bottles. We pay you for these bottles in either cash or trade. • HAN-D.DANS -- open seven days a week, from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. HAN.D.DANS, Florala, Alabama. Phone 858-3513. 12-30-ffc FOR SALE: G.E. pot-scrub- ber dishwasher. $175.00 Call Shirley Eason at 858-6882. 12-23-2tpd REDUCE SAFE & FAST with GoBese Tablets & E-Vap "water pills". At BOOI~'s DRUG. 12-16-2tpd DOES SOMEONE YOU KNOW OR LOVE HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM? For confidential assistance, con- tact South Central Regional Council on Alcoholism P.O. Box 1053, Andalusia, Ala- bama. Phone 222-4955 in Andalusia, or 8,58-3311 in Florala. 11-25-ffc FOR SALE: coastal hay. Near Florida. JAMES T. Route 2, Box 281. Alabama 36442. 834-2694. FOR SALE: oak Contact WILLIE or call 858-6264. 1902 8th Avenue. FOR SALE: corn fed Contact Derry 834-2121 or 834-2666. REDUCE SAFE & WITH GoBese E-Vap "water pills". BOOTH'S DRUG. I WILL DO pl~ painting, roofing, and any repair work you need. Phone this 858-6630. FOR COMPLETE improvements and ance, call collect Danley, 493-7372 in Alabama.